Education Quizzes Website Review – I Love it!

I am the proud owner of a conscientious 8-year-old girl with a thirst for knowledge. Keeping her busy with fun learning activities is often an exhausting task. My mum is a retired teacher so she does plenty with her, but I’m a bit clueless.

When I was approached to review the Education Quizzes website, I jumped at the chance. Finally, I thought, something that will entertain her, stretch her, and won’t take up all my time in planning! My daughter falls under the KS2 area of the site.

Education Quizzes Website Review

Education Quizzes is an online aid which helps to reinforce your children’s learning. The quizzes are written by teachers, which mean they are relevant to whatever your child is being taught in school.

The areas covered are KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3, Spanish (UK), ESL, and Specialist. Meaning, if you have school children of different ages, their revision needs will be met by this site. In fact, it’s perfect for all children!

The membership costs £9.95 per month and you’re not tied in (meaning you can cancel at any time). I consider this to be a fair price for what the site offers, especially in the run-up to GCSEs or SATs (are they still called that now?).

I really enjoy the extra features, I think the 11-Plus section will come in handy for those who are hoping to go to grammar school (and the subscription is a helluva lot cheaper than a tutor).

Education Quizzes Website Review

The site explains what each type of tests means and what to expect within that test.

Education Quizzes Website Review

An example is given at the beginning of the test and multiple choice questions follow for you to have a go yourself. (Of course I had a go myself, I can proudly confirm I am exactly as clever as I was when I was 11.)

Myself and Emma had a good look around the site. It’s really easy to navigate (even if you’re an 8-year-old girl) and everything is laid out in a simple-to-follow order.

Education Quizzes Website Review

Once you’ve finished a quiz, your score is displayed next to the date completed. This is a great way to encourage improvement.

Emma is a big fan of nature, and loved this Nature Matters section of the site.

Education Quizzes Website Review

This area isn’t a quiz section, it’s more like a blog. It’s full of information and beautiful pictures. We became fascinated with space bears, you should definitely check it out if you get chance!

Another area that impresses me is how simple Education Quizzes makes it to buy practice test papers. These too are written by teachers. I think £2.99 to instantly receive a PDF is a bargain! The papers are written to the new 2016 exam specification (which past papers will not be).

As I’ve already mentioned, the at-home subscription is £9.95, but if a school were to subscribe on behalf of the children, it would be so much cheaper.

Depending on the number of students at a school, it is possible to receive a reduced price of £2 per student (which is a massive saving). A school could purchase a subscription and give every child their own ID to log in at home. This would be helpful to the teachers (i.e. self-marking homework) as well as giving the children an interactive learning environment.

If you work for a school or want to put the idea forward to your child’s learning establishment, more information is available for schools and can be found here.

Happy education quizzing!

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