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Keep the Kids Busy this Christmas with #CraftsWithWynsors

You’ve probably guessed it by now, but I love Christmas crafts! When Wynsors approached me to take part in their #CraftsWithWynsors campaign I almost bit their hand off. “YES PLEASE!” I cyber screamed and instantly started daydreaming about what festive things i could legitimately stick googly eyes on.

Googly eyes are a staple in crafts for kids. They just make everything so jolly, you know?

I was sent some presents too in the form of chocolate coins, hot chocolate reindeer and some giraffe slippers for Emma:

Too cute

Anyway, I know you’re desperate to see what I created for #CraftsWithWynsors so here’s a breakdown what I did and how to do it.

Silly Snowmen

I feel as though this photo was taken around 11 pm at their work’s Christmas do

These little guys a made of egg boxes, loo roll papier mache, PVA glue, water and white paint.

Stick the egg box top and bottom together with a gluestick  then wet your loo roll in the mix of water, white paint and PVA glue. try and create the shape of balls and stick two balls together (for the head an body) while they’re still well. I put mine on a radiator to dry but admittedly, that was a risky (messy) move!

Paint egg boxes black for the snowman’s hat and leave to dry too.

Once they’ve dried, use a glue stick to stick the hat in place, then glue on some googly eyes and orange pipe cleaner to make the face. I used a black felt pet to give my little snowmen a coal smile.

The scarves are crochet chains with a tassle on each end and the arms are pipe cleaners glued behind their little snow heads.

If you want a more polished look than mine, you can take a bit more care with the shaping of the balls and used a non-coloured emery board to smooth and shape them once they are dry. I preferred the rustic look for my silly snowfellows.



This is super easy, it’s just card and egg boxes painted brown. The egg box needs a hole (created by a stabbing a pen through it) so a pipe cleaner can be posted through for the nose. Once all the paint has dried stick all the bits together with a glue stick.

For the finishing touches you just need to add googly eyes and some wiggly brown pipe-cleaner antlers. Again, stick down with a glue stick.

Hipster Wobbly Tree#CraftsWithWynsors

If I owned a proper bricks and mortar shop, I would make a forest of these cute little hipster wobbly trees every Chistmas!

They are super easy, all you need is a load of various sized circle made from either thick paper or card. Paint green, leave to dry then cut one straight line from anywhere in the circle, straight the centre. Twist into cone-shapes.

Use your glue to to stick the circles so they stay in a cone shape, then just stack them. Order isn’t really important just make sure the skinny ones are on the top.

Finally, decorate however you want but I recommend super-skinny tinsel.

Wiggly Jiggly Hanging Trees


These are pretty cute and can be hung most places, even your car (if it won’t distract you)!

They’re super simple, you just need a handful of egg boxes painted green and some other colour for the plan pots.

Put holes in the egg boxes by using a biro and thread a green pipe cleaner through. You’ll need to knot the pipe cleaner under each layer to prevent slippage.

Make a star out of a yellow pipe cleaner and fix it in a loop shape for hanging. These wiggle and jiggle about so tiny bells could be cute. I added a little glitter for some fancy sparkle.

Super Soft Super Star


This is definitely one of the easiest it create, but perhaps for slightly older children because a sharp needle is required.

Make a start template out of thick paper or card then cut the same shape out in felt.

Sew the top and bottom pieces of felt together with some pretty thread (I used a golden sparkly one). Make sure you sew a loop to the top so you can hang it.

If you haven’t got any stuffing, you can use the felt straps to give your star a fat middle.

Glue on eyes, draw on a mouth and draw those cheeky cheeks on in glitter glue.



What’s your favourite? Will you make any of these? Let me know!

P.S. I didn’t make the reindeer hot chocolate in the picture, but you can make one quite easily. You’ll need some of those bags that are cone shape and designed for sweets. it’s just a case of adding the right amount of powder for a mug of hot chocolate, a fistful of marshmallows then securing the bag withe a pipe cleaner styled like antlers. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Keep the Kids Busy this Christmas with #CraftsWithWynsors

  1. Wiggly jiggly hanging trees are genius!! I’ve never seen so many great craft ideas together that I could actually do with my kids:)

    Thank you for sharing these with my christmas linky. I’m going to pin this too:)

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