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Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers

Zeek is a fab website that allows you to buy gift vouchers for shops (online and in the real world) at a discounted rate. It also works as a market place for you to sell your unwanted vouchers and make a bit of cash in return.

I’m a mum, so money is always on my mind. I search hard for bargains and constantly look for ways in which I can save money on the things I absolutely have to buy (handbags count, right?).

I think mums tend to be the big consumers. I’m not forgetting about the involved fathers out there, but I find when I observe dad conversations, bargain hunting doesn’t feature as frequently as when the mums get together. I’m pretty excited to bring Zeek to the table next time I’m involved in a bargain-hunting mum-chat.

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers

Zeek is super easy to navigate. You can either go straight to the website or download the app. I’m an app-lover but both offer all the same services. I chose to sign up using my Facebook account for ease but even if you don’t use Facebook you can just sign up with your email address.

It’s really straightforward. If you’re looking to buy, you can either browse the shops or search for a retailer. The percentage discount will be different for each one.

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers

Don’t worry if you’re actually rubbish at maths, the percentage is worked out for you once you pick a brand. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d show you Hotel Chocolat as an example in case you’re feeling romantic (or hungry).

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers
Pretty good discount, huh? (Also, I cannot imagine anything more perfect than £150 of chocolate.)

There’s also a function where you can specify what you wish to spend. My Zeek account was kindly credited with some spending money to enable me to test the use of it, so that I could write an honest review. I’m torn between spending my money on Tesco vouchers (sensible, grocery based option) or New Look vouchers (I cannot justify it in any way, I just love new clothes).

Another thing I love about Zeek is that you can sell your unwanted gift cards. I tend not to ever end up with unwanted vouchers but I know people who win vouchers they’ll never use through incentive schemes at work. Sometimes certain companies give them out to as a ‘new customer’ bonus too. There’s loads of scenarios where you can gain unwanted vouchers and I imagine it can be frustrating to receive credit you wouldn’t normally use. The ability to sell them (usually very quickly) is a real boon.

Although I haven’t yet had chance to sell any vouchers, I’ve had a little explore of the site and I can see it looks really easy.

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers

Zeek: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Vouchers


So what are you waiting for? You could be saving money on things you’d normally buy anyway, and you could be cashing in on gift cards you’ll never use! Get yourself signed up now!

One more thing:

If you sign up by following this link, both of us will earn £5 credit! YESSSSSS!

Overall I think Zeek is a great site and app and I’ll be using them regularly to boost my savings. Is it weird I’m hoping for some unwanted gift vouchers to sell?

Let me know your saving hacks, I’m a big lover of bargains.

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  1. I’ve seen this advertised a lot but never actually considered using it. I might have to as it looks like you can get some great deals! #BigPinkLink

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