Wingz: The Partywear-Saving Arm Candy

Christmastime combines lots of parties with very cold weather. It can be really hard to pick an outfit; coats can cramp your style and bare arms can leave you shivering in the taxi queue at 3am, on the verge of pneumonia. So when Wingz approached me and asked me to review their outfit transforming product, I jumped at the chance!

Wingz are a great concept, they add sleeves to any outfit and are worn underneath so they look seamlessly part of it. I have loads of sleeveless clothing items but I often feel self conscious in them (I don’t really like the way my arms look).

Another problem I have in the winter is that I think it’s a bit too cold to have my arms out but wearing a cardigan can instantly dress-down your finery. This is where Wingz come in: you just slip them on, they have a stretchy cotton bit that sits under your bra and you wear them like a tiny jumper.

This dress was originally sleeveless.

Since I’m not in the business of posing in bra, I’ll suggest you look at the photos on the website  in order to get the idea of how they sit.

I love the way my arms are hidden and my outfit, if anything, is enhanced.

‘I’m a little teapot’


Don’t be fooled into thinking these are dress exclusive, they can be worn with tops too. I’d dress up a plain peplum and jeans with these lacy ones in the picture.

For me, Wingz mean no outfit is off-limits as my arms can be covered easily, without losing any of the glamour. They are the arm candy that saves the party season for every woman who doesn’t want to wear a cardigan but doesn’t want to expose her arms.

Just look how party-ready they made me!


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  1. You look truly gorgeous and the pics are fab! You are enjoying yourself here for sure! Love the lace and the colour overall. What a fab idea to spice up an outfit! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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