Wingz – A Review

I love summer fashion, but I hate having to bear my upper arms. It had always been a bit of a pain for me because all the dresses I like are sleeveless; so when Wingz contacted me to see if I’d like to freshen my wardrobe with some summer sleeves I was thrilled!

The concept behind Wingz is they add sleeves to clothes that lack them, so you can wear whatever you want – even if you don’t normally buy sleeveless. All summer dresses are beautiful. All summer dresses are also sleeveless, meaning I generally have to pass on buying them or ruin the look an slowly boil to death in a cardigan.

Wings are pretty much just two sleeves that are attached by elastic and sit under your bra, then your top or dress goes over them and they create the seamless illusion of the sleeves belonging to the top garment.

Wingz - A Review

I adore these floaty ones in the picture above. These would complement any maxi dress and help keep you cool on those super hot, sunny days. They’re available in up to a UK size 28 which is completely fab.

Wingz are really versatile too. I’ve been banging on about casual summer dresses, but I had to give a formal presentation the other day and it was too hot to wear my suit. The only remotely formal dress I had was navy and sleeveless. I really didn’t feel comfortable with my arms out, then I remembered I had been sent some 3/4 sleeve Wingz.

Wingz - A Review

As you can see, they looked fab for a formal occasions too. These have been fab for light, airy tops as well as those summer dresses I keep talking about.

Those of my more astute readers may remember I tried some Wingz in December too to jazz up my festive partywear.

I can’t stress enough what a life-changer Wingz are. They have opened up a whole load of new wardrobe choices for me. As someone who doesn’t like exposing their arms, Wingz has given me confidence to wear the beautiful clothes I want to.

All in all, Wingz are fabulous and I recommend them to everyone!

5 thoughts on “Wingz – A Review

  1. These are such an amazing idea! Before I lost weight I was always really conscious of my arms and covered them up as much as possible… I can even see these being amazing for taking summer clothes through the seasons – I’m always a bit gutted when things I love wearing in the summer get shoved away when it starts to get cold. Love these! #RV&HT

  2. Genius! Perfect to tuck away my arms which are getting less toned by the second. I’ve popped over to their site and they are a good price too:)

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