What’s in the LookFantastic October Box?

The weather’s changing and for me, autumn is all hot baths and cups of tea. I want a cosy routine. I want early bedtimes, sweet treats, furry dressing gowns and all the pampering a I can fit into a dark and dingy evening.

LookFantastic makes a box that goes some way to achieving those goals. After testing several beauty boxes, this bad boy is by far the best value in my eyes. It’s £15, has free courier delivery, contains a thick glossy mag and loads of beauty treats

What’s in the LookFantastic October Box

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

Another fab haul, right?

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

I must confess, within minutes of unpacking this month’s box, I ran a bath so I could enjoy this treat. I love a coffee scrub, it’s such a reviving treat. Before the season to be jolly, comes the season of scaly legs and, ladies and (probably no) gentlemen, ’tis the season!

Coffee scrubs are great for doing a spot of super exfoliation. I’m also a coffee fan, so to me, it smells like heaven, not to mention the added coconut oil for a sweet smelling twist.

This is a great exfoliant, it smooths skin and kind of makes your bath water look gross. Don’t worry though, it’s so good, you won’t mind it makes you look like you’re bathing in a bad cup of tea!

Skimono Intense Nourishment Hand Mask

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

Is it weird that I’m saving this for the night before my wedding? I get married in less than a month and I really suffer with dry hands. I want the hands of a princess on my wedding day, not the hands of a weathered fisherman.

I’ve heard great things about Skimono masks, but have yet to try one. I’m quite keen on trying the anti-ageing one for my face too.

Monu Skin Firming Facial Oil

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

I already received some of this a few months back in another beauty box. Such is the life of a multi box buying makeup addict. Luckily I was already in love so this topped up my stock quite nicely.

I have combination skin so only use facial oil after intense exfoliation, otherwise I’m just too shiny. It smells lovely and leaves my skin soft.

Lancer The Method: Polish

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

This is some proper high end stuff (retailing at £60!) so I’m pretty excited about this. It’s a thick sort of paste that you apply to damp skin before cleanser. My advice would be to use this after your makeup comes off to get best results.

I’m going to be so sad when this runs out!

Model Co Instant Radiance Concealer

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

Anything that promises instant radiance is a winner in my book. I often have a sudden and urgent need to be radiant so this should, in theory take me from 0 – radiant in seconds.

It’s a concealer pen that illuminates and I’m pleased to see it’s in my shade (extremely pale). I would suggest that you can use it to highlight too when you’re contouring. Sure, it’s not going to be shiny, but I guarantee it’ll make your eyebrows look amazing if you highlight above them.

Ciaté Wonderwand Mascara

What's in the LookFantastic October Box

I’m frequently trying new mascaras. It’s not that I haven’t found a good one, it’s just that I’ve heard about so many great ones that I need to try them all.

This one by Ciaté has a wiggly curved wand an is mega black. Absolutely perfect! I really like it and it makes my lashes look great. It retails around £19/£20 which is what I normally expect to pay for mascara, this might be the next one I purchase.

(On a side note, see what I mean about best value for money?)

Have you tried LookFantastic?

These guys also have a shop, and right now they have an offer on Clinique where if you buy two products you’ll receive a FREE Little Luxuries with Big Results kit plus an extra 15% off! Just follow this link and use code LFCL15

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