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Blogging is a super sociable pastime and a brilliant chance to make lots of virtual friends who share your interests. 

I’m lucky enough to be friendly with a wonderful group of bloggers who are all excellent writers. Through these friendships I am able to ‘borrow’ their content and share it with my lovely readers to keep my blog fresh and varied.

Today I have let Donna, from The Sleep Thief’s Mummy take over my blog and share this post with you. It contains some excellent advice and I hope you love it as much as I do!

What to Pack For the Labour Ward

If you’re anything like me you’ll be packed, unpacked and re-packed 10 times by the time you’ve hit 34 weeks. I massively over packed with my first, here’s the more sensible version from my second jaunt over at the labour ward

For you
Snacks and drinks – I packed a few and didn’t want them (or have time to think about them) but I guarantee if they weren’t there I’d’ve shouted at my husband for not bringing me some.

•Spare pants for after – Think Bridget Jones – Buy big – Buy Cotton. They will be ugly but they will be comfortable.

•Sleepwear, warm socks and slippers – You may have to stay over for a day or two,, make sure you’re comfortable.

•Maternity Pads AKA ‘Pant Mattresses’ – A couple of packs for after, even if you have a C section.

Toiletries – Take your favourites as you’ll be so thankful of them when you have a bath/shower after the big event.

•Birth plan – Be prepared to throw this out of the window completely. My second arrived too quickly for the lovely, peaceful water birth I’d hoped for.

•Your big girl pants – It is scary, it will hurt, but you can do it. Take a big dose of courage, trust that you are perfectly capable and help will be at hand if you need it!

For your birth partner
•Snacks and paracetamol –
 They might have to sit around feeling like a spare part for a long time. Make sure they have some juice at least – and paracetamol. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably give them a headache.

For Baby
•Clothes – 
Lovely, tiny, soft, pretty baby clothes.

Nappies – Take a whole pack just in case you need to stay over. (You might decide to use cloth nappies. Stock up on pretty ones).

Wipes – I took wipes as there was no way I was going to put up with the ‘tar and feather’ situation that is cotton balls on meconium.

•Nappy bags – So you don’t get crap everywhere.

Lansinoh, breast pads and nursing  bras – the holy trinity of breastfeeding. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on feeding if you’re struggling – it’s totally normal!

Milk and bottles if you’re not planning on breastfeeding – Best to be prepared. You can have a research and choose the brand you’re happy with.

Try to be minimalistic, you’re not going abroad for a fortnight. If you need supplies your partner/family will most likely be glad of the opportunity to feel useful.

Good luck and Congratulations!

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