What Shall I Wear to #BML17?

I’m going to #BML17 at the end of September and I need clothes. For those of you who are not bloggers, BML17 = Britmums Live 2017, which is a blogging conference in London, followed by a swanky awards ceremony afterwards. Normally I have faith that I can choose some suitable attire and look alright, but this time, I’m actually up for an award!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a finalist in the beauty & fashion category. I’m almost certainly not going to win, but the party is on a cruise on the Thames, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be the happiest loser in all of London.

Anyway, I’m getting up at 4:00(AM!) on the day and travelling down by train. If I can find a universal dress that will last all day and all night, then great! If not, I’ll probably nip to the hotel about 5 and quickly get more glammed up.

I vaguely have an idea in mind of what I want to look like, but it’s hard to choose. Also, I’m a bit fat. We don’t need to pretend I’m not, it’s okay, I know I am, and as a result, this limits my choice. I have quite a prominent mum-tum so if it clings, it’s out.

Today I went into Yours Clothing in my local shopping centre. Although the stuff was nice, there was only one dress that called to me, but when I tried it on, it just wasn’t right. I’m pretty tall so not all clothes manage to fit my waist right. This dress that I loved on the hanger managed to somehow squash my boobs down (noooooooo!) and make my thinnest bit look fat by adding loads of voluminous fabric. So sadly that’s a ‘no’, look, it would have been nice!

Please ignore my disgusting unwashed hair!

Help me decide what to wear for BML17

This evening I headed over to the old faithful Simply Be, but again, nothing much spoke to me. If I’m going to spend a chunk of money on a dress, I need to love it.

I was a big fan of this velvet dress (and the woman, I keep getting Facebook ads with her in them and I just think she’s beautiful). It’s £35 down from £49.99 but that’s still a fair bit when I’m essentially blind buying (as all internet clothes shopping is).


My second Simply Be choice was this one with the flowers, but I think as I’m typing this, I’ve already gone off it!

It’s nice, but is it £62 nice?

Then I headed over to Joanie, because they go right up to a 22 and always seem to have an amazing sale on. I managed to accidentally spend £70 (but that’s for several items, which I’m sure will feature in another blog post soon). Out of those dresses, I’ve narrowed it down to this red one:


The red dress is half price so at £22.50, not too shocking a spend. My other choice is a very similar green dress, which was the insane price of £13.50!


The only danger with this green one is that it’s a wrap-front dress, something I have never quite masters. It would be terribly embarrassing if my boobs just fell out and landed in my lunch, so this still may not be in the running!

I’ve also checked out New Look, Boohoo and ASOS. Still nothing has called out to me, so if you see anything, please spam me on Twitter of Facebook. I’ll be very pleased if you do!

Which do you like best? Feel free to comment!

16 thoughts on “What Shall I Wear to #BML17?

  1. I love the velvet dress though the red one is a strong contender as I love red. The velvet just seems to say elegant without too much effort whereas the red is screaming look at my beautiful colour. Go on, look! Hope you find something soon x

    1. It’s so hard! I have to wear something for the daytime too, so I don’t know whether to get changed before the boat party or try and solve the harder task of finding one dress that does day-to-night well x

  2. I love the velvet one! I feel like it’s glam and awardesque. It’s also pretty different to what everyone is wearing just now! I love it!

    1. I think the velvet one was a price glitch. I went back to buy it and it’s £70! Should have got it when I thought £35 was too much! x

  3. Marisota have lovely dresses also their sister site crazyclearance and the scarlet and jo dresses really fit well and are kinda stretchy up top, congrats on the nomination!

  4. I love love love dress 2 from Simply be. I think its simple yet elegant and will be quite comfortable for sitting a period of time as well as hiding any spills from drinks or food from the day. Price is a killer though I do not love that price but look for coupon codes and use quidco to bring it down a bit or maybe even an ebay search for preloved? #RVHT

    1. Price is always a killer, so hard! I ended up splurging all my money on a Joanie order which arrived a couple of days ago. I’ll have to get some photos on here x

  5. Congrats on the nomination!!!!!!

    I’m not big on dresses, but I usually go for comfort (but… that’s probs. a queer girl thing, not gonna lie – I think I’ve worn a dress between 3 and 5 times in the last 5 years… and around 2 of those were over a pair of trousers! One was b/c I was my sis-in-law’s bridesmaid and had no choice.)

    They say when in doubt to go with the LBD, but then, bold is beautiful and that red one is awesome! The benefit of the green is that it’s so cheap you can buy it and it’s no big deal if you decide to wear something else and wear the green one another time 😉

    Whichever you choose, you’ll look fab – promise! Have fun! XD


    1. Thank you! I’m a dress fan, I would wear one every day if it was at all practical with my kids. I can imagine I’ll be packing about 6 dresses for that one night! I think I might wear the green one on the day!

    1. Joanie has ridiculous savings! The blue dress must have had a price glitch, I went back to buy it and it was £70! My Joanie clothes came though and they’re lovely. Might need you to unzip me once the night is over though!

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