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5 Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points

We’ve all been there: we’ve planned, we’ve pointed, we’ve prepped and yet somehow we’ve managed to consume all of our dailies, all of our weeklies and it’s still three more days ’til weigh-in. You need some Weight Watchers Hacks for when you run out of smart points!

Fear not! 

For I have compiled a list of hunger busting Weight Watchers hacks to help keep that growling tum at bay (and still see a loss on the scales).

1. Help yourself to a hot drink

Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points


The quickest and easiest solution had to be first (otherwise you’d be angry if I had made you scroll through 4 other lengthier possibilities before this).

Hot drinks have often been linked to temporary reduction in appetite.

There’s loads of herbal teas out there, all with a different purpose and flavour. Providing you don’t add milk or sugar, these drinks are ZERO Smart Points, meaning you can have one every time you’re feeling peckish. Green tea has long been associated with stabilising blood sugar, which in turn helps to regulate your hunger.

Black coffee is an option as well, but too much caffeine isn’t good for you (plus, the only reason I drink coffee is for the sugar and cream!).

2. Slim Noodles


Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points
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Slim Noodles are a GODSEND! They’re reasonably expensive for noodles, so I keep them in for emergency zero Smart Point meals only.

If you’re clever you can make a full and delicious meal for one using a packet of these noodles, a carton of tomatoes/passata, chopped peppers, onion and mushrooms and a pinch of chilli powder. My method of cooking is to basically put everything in the pan and walk away. Stir sporadically.

Make sure you read the instructions on the noodles, they really do need the amount of rinsing they claim. For (only slightly) more thorough instructions: heat the tomatoes in a pan first, then add all the other stuff once the tomatoes are bubbling.

3. Soup

Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points

Weight Watchers are always making new recipes for 0 Smart Points soups. You can find often them in the Your Week that gets handed in meetings, the mags, the cook books – everywhere!

If you have any old cook books, it’ll probably still be the same Smart Points value, but I’d check it.

4. Go for a walk

Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points

Exercise will certainly distract you, but did you know it can curb your appetite too? This is achieved by your body suppressing a hormone that increases hunger. Walking increases the production of a hormone that suppresses hunger, making exercise doubly beneficial!

Not only will you stop feeling hungry, you’ll also earn some FitPoints too! Bonus!

5. Eat some fruit with a low Glycemic Load

Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points

The point of this new plan is to highlight the discovery that not all calories were created equal. This theory stretches to fruit too.

All fruits are still zero Smart Points, but, that has doesn’t matter when we’re talking glycemic load. Fruits with a high glycemic load (such as bananas and grapes) can slow down weight loss if too much is consumed.

The thinking behind this is, high GL leads to a spike in blood sugar and imbalanced blood sugar is widely thought to increase appetite. Fruit with a higher water content often has a lower GL; so go and find yourself a watermelon to munch!

I hope this list has reduced a few rumbles, please share your own hunger ending hacks in the comments section below.

weight watchers hacks for when you run our of smart points

9 thoughts on “5 Weight Watchers Hacks for When You Run Out of Smart Points

    1. Holland and Barrett sell them and so do Amazon but they’re about £3.00 (unless they’re on offer)! They’re 6 calories but they do fill you, so they’re a handy hack. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. In the states they are called Shirataki noodles and they are fabulous! I forget that they are the prefect thing when you’re out of points. If you add them to soup, they’re kind of like ramen. Yum!

  2. I love soup whenever I am on a diet – I make a big pot making it as “free” as possible so that if I feel the need to snack or eat I can use that! I could never get on with the noodles – weird texture!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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