Wedding Planning – The Finishing Touches

I know I keep talking about it, but my wedding is fast approaching and since we booked it in such a short time-frame we have lots to think about. All the big things have mostly been sorted (venue, photographer etc), and we have a few ideas on clothes, but we only really sat down to talk about the finishing touches last night.

I’ve always been a Pinterest fiend anyway, so I had some ideas to bring to the table, but there’s still lots to consider.

We’ve decided that in that gap between actually getting married and the proper party starting we need to entertain the guests. We’ll be off getting out photos taken, so we’ve decided to go with some cold canapés and prosecco to keep the guests happy.

Wedding Planning – The Finishing Touches

Because we’re not having a sit-down meal and speeches, we don’t need to make wedding favours, but I would like to decorate the tables. The food is going to be an indoor barbecue hot buffet, so people can sit wherever they like.  The tables are large and matte black so I don’t anything too fussy.

Since my wedding is in November, I’m having a kind of autumnal theme. I was thinking dried flowers in oranges, purples and olive greens would look nice as small centrepieces. I don’t want anything too big or expensive because people won’t be looking at them for long.

The cake is something I really need to give some thought to. I wasn’t really that bothered about getting a cake, or even a having a cake-cutting photo. Then, thanks to Pinterest again, I saw those beautiful towers of macarons and cupcakes you can have instead and I’m starting to think I want one. I think it would be lovely to hand out cute cupcakes or fancy macarons to our guests (and it’s a bit of an update on the traditional cake style).

Instead of having someone man a traditional guestbook, I’d love one of those post boxes where people write their well wishes down and then post it in a gorgeous keepsake box. That way, people who are a bit awkward about writing messages (I’m always that person at a wedding) can give it a miss if they don’t know what to say.

I’d love to know about the finishes touches you’re having/have had for your wedding (so I can maybe pinch them). Or if you’ve seen something elsewhere and think it was cool then tell me, I want to know! As always, answers in the comments please!

6 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – The Finishing Touches

  1. Ooooo! Some of things we did were cake pops for everyone, mini rubber duck wedding favours, glow sticks for the disco, colouring books for the kids.
    My brother and his wife did flip flops for the women in the night time which I loved!!

    Our guest book was a photo of us that people wrote nice things around!! If you do this do it in pencil, it doesn’t age and rude pictures that idiots draw can be rubbed out.

  2. We had glass fishbowls on the tables filled with bags of our favourite sweets. Bought the sweets and striped paper bags off eBay and did it ourselves. Went down a treat and doubled as favours / table decorations. Like you we didn’t have a sit down meal but a buffet. We got a finger print tree as well as a guest book (again from eBay but was a local cleethorpes company) – something nice for us to frame! Enjoy your planning! ❤️

    1. Ooh a fingerprint tree sounds ace! I like the idea of sweets and stripy bags too, those sweet buffets are a few hundred aren’t they? Fab ideas, thanks 🙂 x

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