I Got Married!

Hey everyone, I got married! I know I’ve been banging on about it since we booked it, but the big day was on Saturday! We had the whole thing at the Millfields Hotel in Grimsby and it was absolutely perfect.

This post is going to be mostly photos because I want to show off how lovely everything was. Before I start, I want to make it clear that I didn’t use any of my blogging wiles to get freebies or discounts. I paid the going rate for everything and I’m just genuinely delighted about the whole thing.

I’ll start with the bridal suite (which is called ‘The Rafters’ if you’re looking to book it). It’s a huge, beautiful apartment-like room that was great for the wedding prep. The photos below were actually taken just before we checked out, so excuse my less-than-hotel-worthy bed making skills.

There was a living area as soon as you entered the room:

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

Greg loved this room!

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

The bed was absolutely enormous and insaney comfortable!

The bathroom was really impressive too. In fact, I had to take two photos because it was too big to fit in one!

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby
On side of the bathroom
wedding at millfields hotel grimsby
The other side of the bathroom

There was ample room for me, Greg and six bridesmaids to get ready.

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

The ceremony went really well, it was surprising nerve-wracking standing in front of all the guests, but I was so happy to be marrying Rob that it soon passed.

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby We wanted our day to stay pretty informal so after the ceremony we went down to the bar for canapes and a prosecco toast. We skipped speeches, had several trays of tasty nibbles going round and the night ran straight into the evening do.

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

We heard so many compliments about the food, and it truly was delicious. We opted for an indoor barbeque and loads and loads of tiny cakes. The food was entirely fabulous and we were so pleased! Simon (the man who sorted the wedding details for us) and all the staff who worked the weekend were amazing. They made our wedding perfect.

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

For the disco, we used Powerplay, Bob was our DJ and he was ace. He played everything we asked for (and refused to play anything from our banned list). He even played Banana-phone by Raffi about 8 times for Greg.

We didn’t have a first dance because we didn’t really want to be massively on display, but we did get some time to dance towards the end.

wedding at millfields hotel grimsby

We ended up with a pretty special last dance. We love the band Why? but the majority of their music is not wedding appropriate (Google to lyrics to The Song of The Sad Assassin to see what I mean). So we went with Simeon’s Dilemma, a romantic (ish) song about the time Yoni was in love with his best friend’s wife so he stalked her on his fixie.

Everyone had booked taxis for a midnight finish but they all turned up a few minutes early, which left us alone on the dancefloor to see our wedding out. It was absolutely perfect and I was a very happy bride (and still a very happy wife).

Our guests were incredibly generous and we feel really lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. I’m getting round to sending thank you texts (before the cards go out) but my wedding nails are insane and I can’t do anything.

I would definitely recommend Millfields as a wedding venue (or even just an eating venue).


26 thoughts on “I Got Married!

  1. Aaaaw congratulations! It sounds like a lovely day. That bathroom is huuuuge! Haha. And how lovely that you got to have that special moment at the end, just the two of you. I wish you much happiness in your new chapter #stayclassymama

  2. What a beautiful day! We didn’t do a “traditional” wedding in so far as dance and all that. We had a morning wedding, lunch and no dance reception. It was amazing. Neither my husband or I stay late at weddings or other parties so it was great for us. (Plus the cost was lower!) Thanks for sharing your day with us. 🙂

  3. Many congratulations to both of you. It looks like you had a wonderful day. This post made me smile because you all look sooo happy. Loads of love. Pen x

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