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Welcome to Views, Reviews & How-Tos, the linky where anything goes! Add two posts about absolutely anything and discover new blogs along the way.

It’s been another week where I’ve not done much in the blogging world. I’ve taken a lot of photos for upcoming posts but everything else has hit a bit of a standstill.

We said goodbye to my Nan this week in a small but lovely service. Obviously I’m upset about losing my last grandparent, but the send off was uplifting (my mum’s main request when planning the service was that it wouldn’t be too upsetting). I feel better now it’s over and feel like I can get back to doing what I’m supposed to.

Enough of my sorrows, back to you guys!

Last week my linky tweets wouldn’t schedule because I kept losing wifi and in the sulky mood of the recently bereaved, I gave up and stropped off then forgot to return. Would an email reminder be any better? Let me know thoughts on this. Ideally I’d like to be a bit more reliable and consistent than I have been recently.

Linky 27 Featured Posts:

It’s only bloody Cee again! This isn’t favouritism, I promise, she’s just writing some relatable stuff at the moment and I think about what I would have written in a letter to past me. Read her letter to her past reading addict self here.

Emma Reed is my second because I just love reading about pregnancy stuff lately and I think this post is probably going to be quite helpful to some pregnant ladies out there (I’m not pregnant, I’m just incredibly broody).

Since I picked the same blog as last week, I’m having a bonus featured post, mostly for my big love of miniatures. Becca Farrelly has a very cute door for you to read about.

What the linky will do for you:

  1. I’m back to adding link-ups to Stuble-Upon, I’d love to know if this is having an affect on anyone’s traffic?
  2. I’ll pin your posts to the linky Pinterest board (which I then repin from throughout the week).
  3. I’ll tweet all the posts linked up. TWICE.

Backlinks for grabs!

My two favourite posts will be featured in the following week’s linky.

That’s at least 2 backlinks up for grabs! ~(DA 34)~


  1. Link up your post and comment on one of the host’s posts (I may be linking one post from each of my sites Mummy Saver, Money Maker is me too.)
  2. Comment on the post before yours and at least one other.
  3. If you link up two posts please comment on one extra post.
  4. You don’t have to, but sharing is caring, tweeting the posts you like helps that blogger out.
  5. Leave a little #RVHT hashtag at the bottom of your comment so we know where you’ve come from and I can count the top commenter more easily.
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