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Use Arts & Crafts to Calm Your Kids

Confession alert; I am not a ‘Pinterest a mum’. I love arts and crafts, but I never have much of a structured approach to what we’re doing. I usually put a sheet down, get the supplies ready, and then it’s just a free-for-all of gluing, sticking and painting.

I love The Works craft supplies, they are such fabulous value and there’s such a great selection. Getting craftsy is my go-to rainy day activity so living in England, as you can imagine, I get through a fair amount of supplies!

If you stock up on a variety of things to do, you can keep your kids entertained for hours (and keep squabbles to a minimum if like me, you are the owner of more than one small person).

Use Arts & Crafts to Calm Your Kids

The only vague structure we have is that we leave one activity to dry while we move on to the next, that way they don’t seem to get bored as easily and you can rinse and repeat if you need to.

For example, if we paint first, we’ll probably get about two paintings done and sent to dry somewhere before we move on to collage making. While we’re sticking bits of ripped up paper on card, paintings are out of sight and a distant memory. By the time the collage is drying and making a chalk picture is wearing thin, I can usually come back full circle to painting again and kill another fifteen minutes.

Nothing we make ends up looking like anything anyone would want a tutorial for, but they have fun and it seems to help the kids keep their concentration. I can see why art therapy is used as a method of improving wellbeing and confidence in kids.

By the time we’ve done our little cycle of activities a couple of times over, the children are positively glowing with pride and seem generally refreshed. I love it as a rainy-day activity because they tend to get a bit frustrated at being cooped up early on. Doing arts and crafts feels a bit like pressing reset button.

I don’t mind the mess and the supplies are cheap enough so for me, it’s a winner! How do your kids like arts and crafts? Do you find it calms them too?

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