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The Unmissable Signs Of A Great Boss

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Is a boss someone who gives orders? Takes criticism from higher up when things go wrong? Or are they the person who completes the team, keeps everyone on the right track, and keeps people’s happiness and well-being in mind? Well, it’s all three, but the first two points are a necessity, and the last one is what takes a manager to the next level. Here are just a few things that make a boss amazing.

They have everyone’s back

A good boss is never afraid to stand up for their team members to directors in the face of criticism. They’re confident in their knowledge of everyone’s strengths, and they’re never duplicitous. A good manager will maintain support to their team member’s face and behind their back.

Trust is reciprocated

Team building is all about building trust. Hence those dreadful trust falls that so many team specialists seem keen on. But the team has to trust their boss to act in their best interest, and the boss has to trust their team to do their work, be honest, and have their back. The reciprocal cycle of trust is the backbone of any strong team-boss relationship.

The Unmissable Signs Of A Great Boss

They’re not aloof

Some managers will watch their team desperately working their fingers to the bone, and still refuse to lift a finger deeming the work to be below them. A good boss will always jump in to help their staff out, and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. They know that failure will make them look bad, as well as the team, so they’ll always jump in to help them out, whatever the task.

They take an interest in individuals

Being able to construct a well-oiled team is, to a large extent, about knowing how to make the most of each member of the team as an individual. Ensuring they’re comfortable, and encouraging them to play to their strengths and further interests makes people feel wanted and desired, but also makes the team thoroughly well-rounded too.

They’re comfortable with legalities

A boss who doesn’t understand the European working time directive is a boss who doesn’t encourage people to take enough breaks. They put themselves in a risky position by potentially firing people illegally. HR jobs for jobseekers often involve managing large teams, and teaching bosses how to lead their team legitimately. An understanding of HR is essential for a great boss.

They’re not afraid to take risks

Sometimes playing it safe just doesn’t pay off. It makes work mundane for the staff, and it means that there is little to no progression. A great boss knows that, in some cases, risks are essential for success.

They’re keen to give feedback

A boss who won’t tell you when you’ve done well, or when you’ve done badly, isn’t much use. We all require feedback in order to progress and get better at our jobs. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, many bosses put it off entirely, but without it, the team stagnates, and there’s no possibility of improvement.

They’re still up for some fun

Finally, a great boss will know that fun is sometimes necessary. Whether it’s a trip to play Laser Tag or a night out, a bit of fun is essential for team morale.


What do you think makes a great boss? Can your boss learn from these? Maybe these signs confirm that you’re a great boss yourself! Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

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