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The Ugly Signs Showing Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

Unless you are very lucky – or very new to the job market – there’s a good chance that you will have had one or two clashes with your bosses at some point in time. In the vast majority of cases, it’s entirely healthy – and maybe even good for passionate people to let off some steam with each other. But what happens if your boss really just doesn’t care? And what are the danger signs that you are being ignored, unappreciated, and always criticized? Let’s take a look at how to spot the ugly signs your boss just doesn’t care about you. The Ugly Signs Showing Your Boss Doesn't Care About You

You never get support, help, or feedback

So, you go into your new job on your first day, you’re handed a seat at a desk and a computer login…and that’s it. If you never receive any feedback about how things are going, or never get help when you need it, it’s more likely your boss is purely interested in the tactical and practical aspects of your role – not you or your success.

Safety warnings go unnoticed

Your employer has a responsibility to care for security and health of you and your colleagues. But if they fail to take action about serious problems you notice in the workplace, the chances are they couldn’t give a fig. And if there is an accident at work, even though it will be their fault, there’s a risk they will do their damnedest to stay out of trouble. As any personal injury lawyer will tell you, defense attorneys for insurance firms and big companies have a lot of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to defending their client’s interest. So, if you work in an unsafe place and your employer doesn’t care, it might be a wise idea to move on – before you or your colleagues end up in a bad way.

There’s a lack of trust

Good bosses know that micromanagement of employees causes more trouble than it’s worth. So if your boss shows an inherent lack of confidence in you and your abilities it generally means they don’t care about you. It’s the same principal for those bosses that constantly demand doctors noted rather than actually enquiring about your health – it’s a sure sign that you are just a commodity to them.

You are bullied

Bullying in the workplace is an actual problem for man people. The trouble is, it can start slowly, and ends up feeling normal. Bullying tactics and ultimatums are the sign of a boss that doesn’t care about their employees, and it will eventually be followed up by threats and intimidation.

You aren’t in the loop

Finally, great bosses involve everyone in the company and recognize that success – and failure – is a team effort. And they will also make sure that every employee knows how a project has done, whether it has been a success or otherwise. If you find yourself constantly out of the loop, your job prospects may look significantly better by moving on sooner rather than later.

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