U ok hun?/ A Rabbit Probably Isn’t Going to Fix This

I priced up a rabbit the other day. It turns out the going rate for a good hutch, an outdoor run and the rabbit itself will probably set you back about £200. I do not have £200. I’m not probably I’m sad enough anyway.

Getting a family pet is usually a joyous occasion, but for our house it’s usually a reflection of my mental state. It seems I bury my sorrows in hamsters and other rodents*. Soft, fluffy creatures cheer me up for a little while.

When my dad died, I had 4 hamsters (briefly, until one of the dwarf ones cannibalised his brotherted gr and died shortly after). When I hated grammar school so much that I couldn’t breathe, I had 9 hamsters and a rabbit.

Pricing up a rabbit means I probably need to need to give my head a shake and look at how I’m doing again.

I stopped taking my antidepressants a little while ago because I couldn’t concentrate enough to revise for exams. I’m approaching my final year of uni, it’s not the best time for poor concentration. On the other hand, I had a panic attack the other morning, is that a better fate than not doing quite as well as I’d hoped at uni?

I’m starting to think I might need some sort of counselling, but when I’ve had it in the past it’s been awful. One woman insisted I’d feel better if I started doing some sort of weird scarf dancing, another told me all my problems were because I didn’t want to play the violin. NHS counselling has a history of making me angry and I can’t afford private sessions.

So what do I do? Have you any experience with counselling? Where did you find a counsellor to suit you?

This has unintentionally turned into a ramble, which I try very had not to do on this blog so I’ll finish with a short anecdote.

I know a man who once accidentally sold tanks to Saddam Hussein (it’s been in the papers, I’m not withholding evidence). Anyway, he realised and quit and now he’s a joiner and a part-time rabbit breeder. Do I see if I can get mates rates on a rabbit?

*For the pedants among us, I know a rabbit isn’t a rodent.


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3 thoughts on “U ok hun?/ A Rabbit Probably Isn’t Going to Fix This

  1. It’s tough isn’t it. I don’t battle with depression but do struggle with anxiety and find that I have little habits where I can tell that i’m starting to feel a certain way. Hope you start to feel better soon #fortheloveofblog

  2. I hope that you’re ok lovely after reading this, I’ve never had counselling, and I can only see how hard it is from reading your post. If it helps then get the rabbit, or a hamster. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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