Tween Girl Summer Style

I’m happy to admit that I’m not particularly materialistic when it comes to dressing my daughter. I truly believe she looks gorgeous in anything she wears. My mini fashionista however, has some very clear ideas about what she’d like to wear. I’m sure you all think like I do, and your little cherub could wear a bin bag and still look perfect, but in case your tween needs wardrobe update like mines does (how do they grow this fast?!) here are some fab pieces that my 8 year old deems to be ‘on-trend’.

Meet your tween girl stylist

Boohoo Kids Range: A Review

As I’ve already mentioned, I had a helper for this post, in the form of my 8 year old daughter. She very much likes pink and flowers, so I asked her to try and pick out a few different bits and pieces to share. All pieces are hand chosen by her, so please excuse the bias for pink!

New Look Teens 915 Tropical Print Playsuit

Styling Your Tween Girl For Summer

Don’t be fooled by the range referring to itself as ‘teen’, sizes start from 9yrs+, making it perfect for tweens. They’ve got an enormous range for girls aged 9-15 and it offers grown-up style without making your tween look old beyond her years. Get this tropical playsuit here for £15.99.

Emma says: “I love the colours and the pattern makes, it makes me think of summer. It’s really pretty and grown up.”


Joules Girls A-Line Stripe Dress

tween girl

This summery frock is absolutely gorgeous and I wish it was available in my size! Available from 3-12 years, you could probably dress younger siblings to match (if your tween allows)! Available at House of Fraser (and currently in the sale) for £19.96.

Emma says: “I like this because my mum wears clothes like this and I want to look like her.”


John Lewis Floral Bomber Jacket

Styling Your Tween Girl For Summer

Floral bombers are here to stay. They exploded onto the rails sometime last year and it’s the must-have piece to add light layers to summer threads. Floral bombers give permission for clashing prints, meaning they are an investment that goes with everything! Available at John Lewis for £22.00.

Emma says: “I like how the pattern is big and then smaller on the sleeves. The colours are pretty and look like something my older cousin would wear.”


Vertbaudet Girls Stripy Dress

Styling Your Tween Girl For Summer

Another possibility on the matching siblings front, this dress is available from 18 months to 14 years! The bows are cute but not too cutesy and the frilly skirt is just too fabulous! Available at Vertbaudet for £22.50 (but if it’s your first order, you’ll get a 20% discount! Yipee!)

Emma says: “I like they stripes, they remind me of those sailor dresses.”


Summer Harmony Pink Sparkle Shoes

Styling Your Tween Girl For Summer

Okay, I could only stave off the pink and flowery sparkles for so long, she did really well at picking a variety of colours, didn’t she? These shoes are very jazzy ad very summery. The hi-top design makes them super trendy too. Available here at Startrite shoes for £29.00.

Emma says: “I LOVE THESE! They’re so pink and sparkly! My favourite!”



Jojo Siwa Pink Ombre Bow

Styling Your Tween Girl For SummerI imagine you’ve probably already come across this big and bouncy bows. Every school girl I know wants a Jojo bow. They’re a hot accessory in the primary school playground! Emma has been begging for one for a while and I’ve finally succumbed to this one. It’s on it’s way to us as we speak! Available at Claire’s for £10.00.

Emma says: “I’ve wanted one of these for ages and I’m really excited to get mine. I love the bows with white at the bottom, it looks really different and pretty.”


For some fab tween clothes at bargain prices, try the Boohoo Kids section, if you follow this link and type “GIMME20” you’ll get 20% off everything that’s not in the sale. We reviewed it last year and we loved it!

I’ve loved having a little helper for this post, I hope you’ve liked her choices. What does your tween like? They can’t all be obsessed with pink can they?

Tween Girl Summer Style


12 thoughts on “Tween Girl Summer Style

  1. Such cute style!
    This age is hard to dress – not a little girl, but not quite a teenager. I think you did a great job finding the balance.

    1. Bless her, she has made some nice choices hasn’t she? I’m trying to steer her away from having everything pink, not there’s anything wrong with it, it can just be a bit jarring when it’s head to toe! x

  2. I’m so glad my daughter’s still too young to tell me what she wants to wear. I get the odd kick off about which shoes she wants but thats all !!
    This is a great selection though!! #VR&HTs

  3. Right – your daughter is way to pretty for words! AND she has amazing taste! I love all her picks, and would be happy if Amelia chose any of it for herself! But seriously, I’m dreading Amelia getting any older! She already tells me that items of clothing or shoes are “awful” and has a very clear idea of what she wants to wear. Only problem is, everything she wants to wear is either emblazoned with Peppa Pig or really really gaudy, which is exactly the opposite of the style I would naturally choose for her; I tend to opt for traditional little girl. At what point do I give in and let my 3-year-old chose her own outfits?! #RV&HT

    1. Aww thank you! She’ll love to know you think that! Emma used to pick loads of gaudy awful stuff, it gradually improves with age!

  4. This is too cute! I love that you put her quotes at the bottom of each outfit, Emma has some serious styling flare. Can she dress me please? I need help! Haha thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    1. Bless her, I think she does too! She’s come a long way from clashing pink patterns on all her clothes!

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