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I Tried AfterDrink Hangover Remedy After a Big Night In London!

I must admit that I’m not a very frequent drinker. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a glass or three of wine, it just means the opportunity doesn’t present itself very frequently now I’m a mother-of-two.

Luckily, I had plans to attend a conference and an awards ceremony in London with a few other bloggers and zero children. I honestly couldn’t think of a better opportunity to let my hair down!

A few days before I left for the South, I was gifted some AfterDrink tablets, which are a hangover remedy made of multivitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts. This seemed like a sign I should prepare for a drink or two, as I then learned wine and fizz would be provided on the party boat!

As an out-of-practice drinker, the last thing I wanted was a hangover, so I was eager to give the all-natural hangover remedy a try!

AfterDrink Hangover Remedy
My London night out essentials!


To my surprise, I actually won an award in the category I was up for, and the drink flowed a bit more freely after that. When I finally got to bed at 2, I’d already been up for 22 hours and was praying these tablets would work. I had a hour train journey home and I’d kind of pinned all my hopes on this hangover supplement working!

I had a big drink of water and swallowed 3 tablets, as per the instructions. In the morning I felt fine, despite the lack of sleep. The instructions said I needed to take 3 more tablets, so I did since they’d served me so well already. I had plenty of water with them and felt absolutely fine.

What I thought of AfterDrink, the all-natural hangover remedy

The tablets are quite large in size but I had no trouble swallowing them. When you open the packet they smell similar to a bottle of vitamin C tablets. I can vouch for them reducing tiredness and fatigue. I had barely slept all weekend but I still felt fine.

I didn’t experience any of the effects I would expect to feel if I was hungover so I was really impressed. I have wedding on the horizon so I’ll definitely be using them again.

The product claims to give alcohol-related support, in the form of supporting mental support and clarity, maintaining normal liver function and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

They worked for me, can you afford to not give them a try?

You can purchase on their website

4 thoughts on “I Tried AfterDrink Hangover Remedy After a Big Night In London!

  1. I need to get these! I can’t deal with hangovers and a 3 year old and the older I get, the less I seem to be able to drink without getting one! #RVHT

  2. It’s the hangover that puts me off; I’ve never been a good drinker so I’m definitely going to bear these in mind for the next time an opportunity presents itself!! Well done on your award, too! So well deserved xxx #RVHT

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