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Toucan Box – The Craft Subscription Box for Kids

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I recently discovered you can buy a craft subscription box for kids. I’ve really been missing out.

We were sent this fabulous Toucan Box so that me and my daughter could spend some quality time crafting together. We’re both lovers of craft, but ever since the whirlwind that is Greg came along, we’ve not had a lot of time of space to do anything arty.

craft subscription box

We were sent the Gingerbread Friends box (which you can get free* by clicking this link and entering code: awxmas17). The box contains everything you need to make that particular craft, as well as some basic instructions. As Emma is 8, we received an activity that requires minimal levels of adult supervision. This meant I could leave her pretty much to her own devices on the technical front and the instructions were minimal enough to let her use her own imagination.

craft subscription box

I think that she was meant to decorate both gingerbread friends herself, but she wanted me to join in so we took one each.

craft subscription box

I thought Emma was really creative with hers and she told me she’d designed a gingerbread baby. I loved that we could sit and relax together whilst doing this and I knew I wouldn’t have a big mess to clean up before Greg got up in the morning.

craft subscription box
Emma’s Gingerbread baby

I made a sort of gingerbread lady and Emma told me she could be the gingerbread baby’s mum.

craft subscription box
My gingerbread lady

We had to let the glitter glue overnight so I used the box everything came in as a sort of tray to carry them. There was still some glitter glue left, which will come in handy, but other than that and the drying gingerbreads, we had nothing else to put away.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, the instructions booklet is also an activity booklet. This one contained a spot the difference challenge, a recipe and some other bits.

craft subscription box

If you know me in real life, please expect some gingerbread presents.

After the gingerbread friends had spent the night drying off, we revisited our work to see how it had turned out. Here’s how they looked.

craft subscription box

I think you’ll agree that they’re dazzlingly festive!

We really enjoyed doing our crafty activity together and absolutely love the idea of a craft subscription box. We especially liked how handy it was. There was no need to get our whole craft cupboard out to help us decide what to make (which is the usual drill). I rather enjoyed the very minimal packing away involved too.

I think a craft subscription box can help find time for just you and your child. When you have more than one child, they always have to share. You child being able to spend time with you alone is really important, and our crafting night was long overdue.

If you are thinking of buying a Toucan Box as a gift, have a 20% discount on me! Just follow this link and use code: XMAS20 to claim your discount.

*Free gingerbread friends OR beaded ornaments if you are a new customer.

craft subscription box


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  1. I have looked at these a few times and think my daughter would love them. It’s the idea of signing up for something else though that puts me off (mainly because I am a beauty box junkie!)

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