Top Holiday Gifts Your Grandchildren Will Love

Grandparents love to treat their grandchildren but shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful. No matter how early you start your Christmas shopping, it can still be a trial trying to come up with the right gifts. Children grow up so quickly and their tastes and clothing sizes can appear to change constantly. Here are ideas for your grandkids (or other children on your shopping list) that are sure to please them.


Practical but Personalised

Grandparents are often torn between wanting to give useful gifts and the desire to pick our presents that will delight their grandchildren. Fortunately, there are ways to combine these two elements into one gift. Necessities like lunch boxes suddenly become fun for children when they are customized with their names. Personalised bento boxes, pencil cases, and other school supplies become a special gift that both children and their parents will appreciate. Even otherwise boring stickers for school supplies, clothing, and shoes can become exciting gifts for children when they include their name and a clever graphic design.


Creative Supplies

Children enjoy the opportunity to use their imaginations and creatively. Sadly, the art supplies tend to run out or dry up long before the creative ideas. For the smallest grandchildren, pick non-toxic art supplies that are easy to clean up. For slightly older children, pick more mature art supplies that they can grow into using. Often children only receive kits that allow for little creativity or low-quality art materials which limit artistic options.

Look for kits that provide instruction and range of materials or that focus on developing certain skills like drawing cartoons or computer game graphics. This can stimulate your grandchild’s creative process while they learn. Giving children the gift of classes in a creative area is another way to provide them with a creative outlet. These classes can also offer their parents a welcome break, as well.


Getting Their Hands Dirty

Today’s children often spend too much time in front of the television or playing computer games. Get them out of that routine with a chance to experience something new. Gardening can be both fun and educational for children. Anything from planter boxes outside to a simple herb garden in pots indoors can allow children to experience a sense of accomplishment as they watch their plants grow.

Get children started on a leaf collection to encourage their love of the outdoors. To help build a love a science, why not give them a trip to their local planetarium or other science centre. Check with the area museums to see what programs they offer for children. It also isn’t too early to look into enrichment programs that are offered over the spring break or summer. This can make an excellent Christmas or Hanukkiah gift now while giving your grandchildren an exciting experience to anticipate over the coming months.

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