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Top Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Health Right Now

Taking care of your health should be everyone’s top priority. Having said that, many of us slip into bad habits that cause harm to our health. Bearing that in mind, I want to address some of the worst habits in this piece, and show you how you can beat them and stay healthy.

Top Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Health Right Now


Smoking is the ultimate bad habit as it ruins your health in so many different ways. There are multiple studies that prove smoking cigarettes causes various types of cancer and lung disease. Not to mention the damaging effects it has on the rest of your respiratory system and the way you breathe. Factor in the links between smoking and heart disease, and you’ve got a very bad habit indeed.

But, things don’t end there. What makes smoking worse than a lot of other bad habits is the fact that it can affect other people’s health too. If you smoke around other people, particularly children, they’ll breathe in the toxic fumes as well, and be at risk of various health problems thanks to you. Also, smoking is known to be bad for your mental health and cause addiction too, which is just another reason to avoid doing it.

The question is, how do you quit smoking? Well, the easiest way to quit is to not smoke to start with; problem solved! But, for those of you that maybe started young and struggle to quit, there are things you can do. If you want to go down the medical route, you can request Champix to help stop smoking. This is a medication that helps you kick the addiction by tapping into your nicotine receptors and weakens your cravings. If medication isn’t your thing, you can try substituting cigarettes for vape pens or e-cigs. Both these things can give you the feeling of smoking without actually making you ingest smoke, nicotine, and all that other bad stuff too.

Top Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Health Right Now

Drinking Alcohol

While smoking may be the ultimate bad habit, drinking alcohol isn’t far behind. There are fewer serious health concerns with drinking alcohol, and you don’t have the risk of affecting others with health issues when you drink. However, it’s still a really bad habit, and more people drink alcohol than people smoke.

The problem with alcohol is that it’s so readily available everywhere and our culture is being brought up to believe that you have to drink booze all the time to be cool. So, kids in school and university are getting drunk all the time, which sets them up to continue this trend into their thirties. Alcohol is directly linked to health problems such as excessive weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and depression. Not only that, but it can also be addictive, just like smoking. Just having one or two glasses of wine a week won’t cause any problems. These issues occur when you’re regularly drinking, and you need to try and stop.

Which brings us onto the solution; how do you stop drinking so much alcohol? In truth, it’s a lot easier that you think, particularly if you don’t have an alcohol addiction. If you want to slowly wean yourself off it, you can start by gradually drinking things with lower alcohol content. Then, you can start drinking non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails or non-alcoholic beer. This makes you feel like you’re drinking alcohol and fitting in with all your friends, but you actually don’t get any of the bad stuff inside you. If your problem revolves around drinking too much at home, there’s an easy solution; get rid of alcohol in your home. Stop buying booze and fill your fridge with drinks that are better for you. This gets rid of your temptations as you have nothing to pick up and drink without thinking.

Top Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Health Right Now


No, you haven’t read that wrong, it does say sitting. Believe it or not, but sitting for long periods is one of the worst habits you can have. What makes things worse is the fact that all of us sit for ages every day, and we don’t even give it much thought. Right now, I’m sat writing this blog post, and you’re sat reading it. Once we’ve both finished, I’m sure we’re probably going to stay sat on our chairs using our computers for another half hour, maybe even longer.

The fact is, we all sit too much. We sit when we work, we sit when we drive, then we come home and sit when we relax. What you don’t realise is this is doing horrible things to your body. Sitting causes so many problems in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, and even knees. Being sat at a desk on your computer for a long time can cause your upper back to round, your shoulders to rotate forwards and your neck to jut forward. This might not seem like an issue, but it fixes your posture into this shape. So, even when you’re not sitting, you’re walking around with these problems. Furthermore, these issues cause pain in your upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Along with this, too much sitting can cause your hips to get so incredibly tight which makes the muscles pull down on your lower back and arch it. When this happens, you get awful lower back pain that makes it hard to stand still without needing to rest.

Too much sitting ruins your health as it damages your posture and causes lots of painful issues that restrict what you can do. You may be unable to lift heavy things because of back pain. You could struggle to run because your tight hips have caused knee pain. There are so many issues, and they can only really be solved by not sitting. So, get out of your chair every 30/60 minutes and stretch out your hips and lower back. You should also do chest stretches to stop your shoulders from rolling forward and your upper back from rounding. Be more active and stop sitting, and you will see a much healthier you.

Take my advice onboard if you’re guilty of any of the bad habits mentioned here. Now, you can quit them and stay a lot healthier.



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