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Top 3 Common Habits That Are Effecting Your Health

We all have bad habits. We are only human after all. However there are some really common habits that can actually have a very negative effect on our health. Check below to see if you are guilty of any of them, and if so, how to quit them once and for all.

Constant Snacking

This one’s a toughie. Long days sitting at a desk, in an office, is a real problem when it comes to snacking. Snacking in general is one of the most common problems when it comes to us staying on top of our weight and our health in general. The problem with snacking is that it causes us to lose touch with our body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signals which can lead to chronic overeating and of course, pilling on the pounds.

As we tend to get into a habit of snacking out of boredom, or just routine, the best way to stop this habit is to replace naughty snack with healthy ones. Swapping junk food snack with fresh fruit and nuts, for example, will mean you get the boost to your energy without filling your body full of fat and nasty additives. With determination anyone can change bad eating habits and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier weight.

Getting Sunburnt

Whether you overdo it on your summer holiday or just try to make the most of that gloriously sunny day at home, we have all fallen foul of nasty sunburn. We all love to sunbathe and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, however we all also know of the dangers of overdoing it. Burning your skin, once or twice every summer can significantly increase your chances of getting cancer and can dramatically age your skin.

Excessive sun exposure can bring about changing moles which may indicate a serious problem. If you are concerned about this, then download the app, GP at Hand, to talk online to a doctor about it and see what advice they can give you about visiting a dermatologist. Anyone that has burnt their skin, or has overexposed their skin over the years, should certainly visit their doctor. Your doctor will be able to inspect your skin for any unusual changes and will be able to take a small sample to determine the nature of any new growths. In the future make sure you are wearing sunscreen, sun hats and are staying safe in the sun.

Too Much Time In Front of the TV

Too much time in front of the TV means not enough time being active. If you feel that you spend far too much time in front of the TV, chances are that you may have found that you have gained a few extra pounds. Whilst relaxing and disconnecting, in front of Netflix, is an important way for us to unwind after a long, hard day, it is not a habit that we should be getting into in a daily basis. So make sure that you are mixing up your beloved, cosy sofa nights with evenings and weekends where you are out and about and being active.

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