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Toddlebike2 Review

We were sent a Toddlebike2 for the purpose of this review.

I have an adventurous two-year-old who loves anything on wheels. He’s at that awkward stage where the little sit ‘n’ ride toys from 12m+ are too small for him, but he’s not quite big (or skilled enough) for a balance bike or a regular bike.

I always found this stage of toddlerdom hard, when my daughter was this age I couldn’t find anything that was the right size for her.

When I heard about the Toddlebike2 and was offered one for my favourite toddler toy-tester to try out, I was thrilled!

Toddlebike2 Review

The Toddlebike2 is is small and incredibly lightweight which means it’s easy for your little one to handle (and no trouble for parents to tidy away either, bonus!). It is designed to help 18-36 month old children prepare for the next stage: balance bikes and pedal bikes.

It is designed to be deliberately compact, because the child’s feet need to be flat on the floor with legs bent (and bums on seats), that’s how the little ones build up speed. So their posture should look something like this:

Toddlebike2 Review

Greg found it really easy to handle. So easy in fact, that he refused to let go of the toy from out sand and water table and insisted on a one handed approach.

Toddlebike2 Review

He found it easy to hop on and off, and was very skilled at abrupt changes in direction (still one handed).

Toddlebike2 Review

He scurried along confidently and was able to control the Toddlebike2 really easily.

Toddlebike2 Review

He even challenged his sister to a race, which he promptly won!

Toddlebike2 Review

He absolutely loves his Toddlebike2 and had to be pried off it before bed! It’s lightweight, waterproof and lots of fun, meaning it’s suitable for all terrains. I think we’re going to take it some local woods soon, I’m certain he’ll be able to ride it there too.

When my little monkey first tried it out, he sat on the crossbar while he was figuring it out. This isn’t a problem, it’s really robust and could take his weight easily. He soon realised the seat was where his bottom belonged and really picked up speed.

The weather isn’t so nice today so he’s been having a little ride in the living room too. I’d say it’s suitable for indoor and out, I have no concerns about wearing out my carpet!

If you have an adventurous tot who’s in that difficult in-between stage, you should definitely invest in one of these. They’re a bargain at £23.95 on Amazon and it has a 3 year warranty, so it’ll serve younger siblings well too!

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