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My Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Some of you may remember I moved house before Christmas. I must admit, it was nowhere near as stressful as I’d been warned; I suspect this is due to the amount of prep that went into it. I’m not normally an organised person and Greg was in and out of hospital around the same time too, so having an easy move was a real triumph.

Usually when you move, it’s not a surprise. Months of browsing property sites after this initial idea tends to be the starting point and even then you might not spot anything that calls to you for a while. If you buy, you need to arrange a mortgage; if you rent, you need to muster a deposit. My point is, all of this time can be prep time.


You know it’s coming. You know you’re going to have to face the mountain of strange tat you’ve been hoarding. If you have already made the decision to move, de-cluttering can never come too early – even if you don’t manage to find anywhere for a year. I have a lot of clutter, it’s a battle but I’m glad I had a massive clear-out in the summer, then one more time before we actually went.

Call in all your Favours

Rope as many people as possible into helping you. I’m lucky, my brother very kindly helped with the shifting of stuff and previously my fiancé’s friends have chipped in when he’s moved before. Paying for movers is expensive, if you can get a load done yourself then that certainly takes the headache out of worrying about costs.

Find a Haven and Make it Perfect

My Tips for a Stress-Free Move
That’s a window, not a TV (sadly)

In the chaos of moving, you need to find a room you can hide in. I chose to quickly unpack the bathroom and make it totally perfect. Then I made sure I relaxed in the bath after a long day of unpacking. Unpacking is a much lengthier job than you expect it to be. Don’t be fooled, make yourself a haven ASAP.

Have a Takeaway

This point doesn’t really need explaining. If you’ve just moved, you certainly shouldn’t cook! If you’re yet to unpack plates and cutlery then you NEED to order a pizza (or eat out if you can be bothered)

Keep the Kids Busy

My Tips for a Stress-Free Move

If you have kids then you’ll know even on a normal day they stop you getting stuff done. Moving house is twice as exciting for them and gives you infinitely more work to do than just a normal day. Take it in turns to distract them, while one of you unpacks. I’ll let you decide which is the easier job!

Do you have any tips to add? I’d love to know!

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