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Tips for Settling in to a New Home

I’ve moved house several times in the last 7 or 8 years. I can confirm it doesn’t get any less stressful, but this last time I’d have been completely lost without this amazing moving house checklist.

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As you may (or not) be aware, we moved just before Christmas and it was a bit of a revelation. We had loads of stuff, but a lot of it probably couldn’t be described as ‘useful’. Our new house had more rooms, but we didn’t have enough furniture to fill them.

When your new house is a lot different to your old one, settling in can be a challenge to begin with. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to do.

These tips should help make you feel at home in your new property.

Settle Your Pets

Settling in to a New Home

Animals can be really sensitive to change and if they’re a bit freaked out, it can add to a general unsettled feeling. If you have a cat, make sure to keep them in for a couple of weeks so that they can get used to their new abode. Every few years a story crops up where a cat travels hundred of miles back to their old address. As impressive as this is, I’m sure you’d rather not be struck with the worry of a missing pet. Pay your kitty extra attention and make sure he or she is entertained while they’re stuck indoors.

Dogs are a little different because they don’t head off without their owners.This doesn’t mean they are any less sensitive to the move though. Be patient if your doggy behaves out of character, it’s a bit change for them too.

Try and make a new routine

It can be hard to remember how life was before you moved; who got first dibs of the bathroom in the morning, who is on coffee duty etc. A new house means tweaks are needed for your new routine. We’re lucky enough to live in a house with an en suite (with shower), a family bathroom and a downstairs loo, this means there’s not need to queue in a morning. Our routine has been streamlined and we all get an extra ten minutes in bed.

A new location can affect travel time, so the school-run and the daily commute will need to be re-evaluated. A new routine can be a pain to get used to, but it can also be a big improvement on the last one. Making a loose plan can simplify things.

Don’t be afraid to move furniture

Settling in to a New Home

Just because the removals firm plonked your sofa in the middle of your lounge, doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Decisions you make on moving day can be rash and a little frazzled. However your furniture is set out is not set in stone. Move it, buy accessories, even buy more furniture. Until your make your new home feel ‘right’, you won’t be able to settle.

Have One Last Clear Out

I’m sure you already started streamlining your possessions from the moment you knew moving was on the cards. This was a great first step but you probably still managed to hold onto a load of junk (I know I did). De-cluttering is known to be a therapeutic exercise which can have a calming effect on your life. Why not give it a go?


Do you have any tips for settling into a new home? I’ve love for you to share them!




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