The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

I was recently sent some John Frieda volumising shampoo, conditioner and in-shower treatment. I tried it and loved it. Since I live for volume, I thought I’d share some of the best tips to give your hair volume that I’ve learned over the years.

Use Volumising products

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

I used the John Frieda shampoo, conditioner and in-shower treatment from the Luxurious Volume: 7-Day Volume range (at the time of writing this, all of these are on offer at Superdrug, click the links to get the products). The texture was lovely to use and not at all drying (which some volumising products can be). ┬áIt also smells good. I can’t stand hair products that do the job but smell really weird. The John Frieda 7-Day Volume products all smell really lovely.

I did notice, like with all volumising products, my hair felt a little coated after the wash. It felt like a light coating and didn’t bother me, but I noticed it because I’m a hair obsessive and I notice any changes in texture. The coating seemed to add bounce and shine when I styled it and I was really happy with the results.

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume
You too could look a little bit smug about your huge hair. Just try some of my tips!

Sleep in braids

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

These braid aren’t meant to be seen, so if they’re incredibly messy there’s no need to worry. If you have super long hair, one braid starting at the top of your forehead and carrying on down your back will do the trick. If you have medium length or shorter hair, you might benefit from two braids.

The idea of these braids isn’t to give you a cool morning hairstyle, it’s purely for volume. In the morning, undo your braids, brush your hair then style as normal. I recommend curling it, which brings me onto my next point…

Curl your hair for volume

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume
Big hair, don’t care

I use Babyliss Pro Curling Wand, but tongs or straighteners will do the job just as well. Section off your hair, spray with heat protection and start with the underneath. Wrap your hair around the wand and leave for a few seconds. You should be using thinner strands of hair, and if your hair is very thick, it needs to have more time before you release it from the wand.

Blow-dry the wrong way

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

I’m not just talking about holding your head upside down like they did in 90’s sitcoms when they were getting ready for a date. I mean dry your hair on the wrong side. For example, on my right side I will give myself and insane side parting from just above my right ear and flip my hair right over my head and blow-dry it that way. Once that side is done, I repeat for the left. This give your hair volume from the root. Try it!

Back Comb

I use this back comb brush to add extra volume when I wear my hair straight. I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it, but I never do the top. I section my hair off and start with an area of my head that’s level with my eyebrows. I then back comb everything in that section other that the very top layer of hair. I do it like this to achieve maximum volume, but minimum frizz and it always works well for me.

Do you have any helpful hints or tricks to achieve great volume? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

*This website uses affiliate links. I was gifted the John Frieda products in return for an honest review, and I honestly do love them. Just look at my hair!

The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

6 thoughts on “The Best Tips to Give Your Hair Volume

  1. Loved my John Frieda products. Some great tips here… I have literally done them all. I would also add the volumising powder. Not the best for your hair but you get volume! #RVHT

    1. I remember trying that when it was new out (years ago) and it made my hair insanely huge and a weird texture! I might give it a more sensible go! x

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