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The ‘b’ Sound

As before, start with the letter card, alphabet books and writing activities. (As you write the ‘b’ sound say: ‘Top to bottom… up… and all the way round.’

Here are some some activities for the letter ‘b’:

Then choose a fun activity below, but don’t forget to display your ‘b’ card and remind your child of the sound at the start of the activity and as a recap at the end.

‘b’  is for balance

Activities for the letter 'b'

Challenge your child to balance on one leg. Or balance a beanbag or a book on his head.  Lay a long piece of rope along the ground in a straight line and have him try to balance along it. (An older child can try balancing along a piece of rope arranged in loops or wavy lines.) If you don’t have any rope, chalk the line on the path in your garden.) He’ll also enjoy balancing along a low garden wall or bench (holding your hand, if necessary.)

Be a big brown bear

Have fun pretending to be buzzing bees, big brown bears, butterflies, bats, beetles, bunnies, ballerinas, balloons, and babies. Pretend to drive a big bus, ride a bike, eat your breakfast, butter some bread, peel a banana, and ring a bell. (Make the activity as fun as you can, all the while emphasising the ‘b’ sound)

Read the story of the three bears.

Make a bee out of a cardboard tube.

Activities for the letter 'b'

Bath a baby

Bath hard bodied plastic baby dolls in very sudsy water (use bubble bath) in a big plastic container. Put out sponges, soap in a dispenser, flannels and towel. (And maybe a small watering can filled with clear water to rinse of the suds.)

Bubble prints

Activities for the letter 'b'

Set out two dishes each containing washing-up liquid, water and paint. I used twice as much water as washing up liquid (I live in a hard water area) and enough ready mixed paint to give a nice strong coloured print. (You might have to experiment with this a bit —if you don’t have enough paint in the mix, the prints turn out too pale.) Blow into the dishes using a couple of wide drinking straws until the bubbles are rising over the top of the bowl.  (Remind your child to blow not suck before you start!) You’ll probably need a couple of straws of your own to help him out with the blowing. Place a piece of white paper over each bowl in turn to make beautiful bubble prints.

Go on a bear hunt: Read the book : We’re going on a bear hunt by  Michael Rosen. It’s great fun to think up the actions to go with each of the obstacles eg holding head to hands in despair for each “Oh, sh, slosh) slowly lifting feet out of the thick oozy mud (squelch, squelch) staggering through the forest (stumble, trip, stumble trip) pushing through a swirling, whirling snowstorm (hoooo-woooo) gingerly approaching the narrow gloomy cave (tip-toe, tip-toe) then the shock of discovering  the scary bear… and legging  it back the way you came, all the way to the safety of your bed.  Here’s a great youtube link to Michael Rosen telling the story:


Balloon prints

Activities for the letter 'b'

You need a shallow dish containing two or three different colours of thick, ready mixed paint. (Red, yellow and green works well . Or pink paint with splodges of purple and green.) Don’t mix the colours together in the dish just splodge them in next to each other so they are touching but not stirred up.) Take a partly inflated small round balloon, dip it into the paint (so it picks up all three colours at once) and use it to print on a sheet of white paper. Press the balloon down well, as you print and the colours will join up on the paper, leaving rows of beautiful bright circles.

Ball in a bucket

Take turns trying to throw a big ball or several little ones into a big bucket. (Stick your  ‘b’ card to the outside of the bucket before you begin.) For an indoor activity scrunch newspaper into large balls or use rolled up socks.


Activities for the letter 'b'

Cut a large lowercase  ‘b’ out of thin white card. (If you google ‘free printables lower case b’ and click on images, you should be able to find a suitable letter shape to print out.) Paint it with liquid water colours or ready mixed paint. Let it dry then stick it in the middle of a piece of black card.  Give your child an assortment of buttons and some PVA glue and help him stick on the buttons to decorate his letter. Display on the wall.

Make bird pudding, Add seed, (you can buy bags of seed for the birds from Poundland) suet, chopped nuts (not salted or roasted), bacon scraps, dried fruit, to some melted lard. Mix it all up, add a long piece of knotted string and press into an empty yoghurt pot. Leave it to become hard (cool in the fridge) then tip it out of the pot and hang it outside for the birds.

For a sturdier container you could use coconut halves , but you’d need to make one or two holes in each  half and thread through a piece of string.(No need to tip the contents out after the pudding has hardened.) Watch to see which birds arrive and maybe have a book handy showing pictures of the different types, so you can quickly identify them.

Make a butterfly out of a plastic spoon.

Activities for the letter 'b'

(I used the ones that come with McDonald’s ice cream) As my spoon was semi-transparent I scrunched up a small piece of coloured tissue paper and stuck it into the bowl of the spoon to tint the butterfly’s face.  Have the curved part of the spoon facing you, stick on some googly eyes and use a permanent marker for the mouth. Wrap 2 long colourful craft pipe cleaners around the spoon handle leaving the ends sticking up above the bowl of the spoon to become the feelers. (Secure with sticky tape). Cut a set of wings from white cardboard (Use one piece of folded card rather than cutting out two individual wings)  Have your child draw a simple pattern on the wings in thick oil pastel or wax crayon, and then  paint over it in light-coloured watery paint.

When the wings are dry, place the butterfly’s body on top of them and make two little holes  in the wings (one at each side of the butterfly’s body about half way down) to enable you to take a a  shorter piece of pipe cleaner up one hole, across the butterfly’s body and into the other hole to anchor the wings. Secure the ends with sticky tape.


Mix a strong solution of bubble mixture: 3 parts washing up liquid, three parts water, one part glycerine. (You might have to add extra washing up liquid if your water is particularly hard.) Give your child a selection of bubble makers and let him blow, wave, chase and pop his bubbles.

Buy a helium balloon on a long ribbon (so your child can still reach it when it floats to the ceiling.) Let him play freely, tugging on the string, making the balloon dance then letting go and watching it rise.

Build with boxes

Activities for the letter 'b'

Give your child a variety of big cardboard boxes and let him explore shape and size, build and balance to create whatever takes his imagination. (Houses, buses, spaceships, dens) You might need to cut out a section for a window or a door as his imagination takes flight. (Although the supermarkets immediately crush their boxes, they will usually find you some if you ask even if it means you going back later.)

Sing the song:  Five green bottles using the fingers of one hand to represent the bottles.

Teaching Your Child to Read by Using Letter Sounds

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