How to Tame Your Hair (Without Damaging it)

I’m not sure if you’ll have caught a glimpse on some of my social media profiles, but I have naturally ridiculous hair.

It’s enormous, it’s knotty, it tangles easily and has a sort of semi-curl to it. It takes a lot of caring for and I’ve got it so wrong over the years. Now I’m 30 (and incredibly wise) I’ve finally got it sorted and I’m going to share my knowledge with you.

How to Tame Your Hair Without Damaging it

It’s really important to get your shampoo right. I can’t say I have a definitive favourite because I don’t, I change brands regularly (that in itself is a tip, if you stay too loyal you can get a build-up of product). I tend to go for the description that suits my hair.

I aim for anything that claims enhance strength, as someone who has a naturally wild mop, strength is very important. I also go for anything that claims to be ‘weighless’; my hair is so heavy, the last thing I want is a load of smoothing products weighing it down and making it flat.

Alternate between letting your hair dry naturally and blowdrying. Blowdrying adds volume and I think it makes your roots look less oily. Air drying can help with the condition of your hair, but if you go to bed with it wet, the friction of tossing and turning can make it brittle. This will cause erosion and breakages.

How to Tame Your Hair Without Damaging it
This is how I look in the morning, these are my actual pyjamas.

Be gentle with your detangling. Get the right equipment. If you go at it too harshly, you’ll definitely cause breakages and split ends. Start from the very bottom and work your way up, a little bit at a time. Coconut oil can work wonders as a natural detangler, alternatively, invest in a mid-priced serum.

As a side note, I do a hair masque once a week to help keep the moisture. Any will do but Aussie make some nice ones.

Once the gargantuan task of detangling is complete, styling is next on the agenda. You need heat protection. Don’t go without. Don’t let people tell you that you don’t. You do. You need heat protection. Don’t spend less than £4 on it and check it does the job you’re after. There’s no sense in going for volumising if you’re trying to calm those feral tresses.

I have hair that sits perfectly in the middle of straight and curly. Sure, it looks curly, but it takes the exact same amount of time to straighten it as it does to curl it. I mostly choose to curl. Whatever styling implement you use, don’t just assume the hottest setting is the best. Try it out, try and see how cool you can get away with; your hair will thank you.

When you’re done, you can stop looking fed-up and start celebrating life again. Here I am loving life because my hair is finally appropriate for life (ignore the roots, I’m getting them sorted tomorrow).

How to Tame Your Hair Without Damaging it
Here I am, seemingly full of whimsy after sorting my cavegirl hair.

If you have any tips, I’d love to know them. Just drop them in the comments!


11 thoughts on “How to Tame Your Hair (Without Damaging it)

  1. Oh you really do have beautiful hair! I have ridiculously thick hair that is prone to dryness but I swear by Philip Kingsley elasticiser which is a masque and I also use his range for the conditioner called extreme – relaxes my hair incredibly that I can leave it to dry and it looks like I’ve had it styled! Oh I should get paid by Philip Kingsley for this PR!! #FamilyFun

  2. You have ridiculously lush hair! I love it. I use the Aussie mask too. And once a month I coat it in coconut oil mixed with some rosemary essential oil and let it sit all day and then wash it out at night. It moisturizes it nicely but I wake up looking like the lion king!

  3. Your hair is so beautiful! My hair is just so meh lol. I recently had Olaplex done though and Ii highly recommend it! Its really help to strengthen my hair and make it more glossy, which as a fellow blonde, you know how hard that is.
    Kate (also 30 and wise lol) xx

    1. Oh god, I don’t think my hair has ever shined! Thanks for the tips, I’m heading over to your site now to find out more!

  4. You have lovely hair! But I guess you hate people saying that if it’s a bugger to look after!! I quite happily follow the air dry route most days!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. Thank you! I don’t mind it being a bugger on the days it goes well, I enjoy preening! It’s the days when I’ve tried and all that happens is it gets even more enormous that I can’t cope with!

    1. Haha I love a pun! I use this cheap wand I got from Tesco. It took me ages to figure out how to work it properly, I thought I’d got a faulty one but it turns out I was just holding it weirdly. The brand is THX and I think it was about £17. It was definitely less than £20. It’s thinnish but cone shapes and tapered at the end.

    1. Amazing! When I was pregnant and couldn’t cope with the effort of sorting it, I would just wash it and leave it and not do anything fancy it would go really bouncy and have a much better curl to it. I think that was just the magic of pregnancy hair though because it never happened again!

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