I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura’s Acid Peel

I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura's Acid Peel

I turned 30 on New Year’s Eve (gasp!) and I have noticed that my skin isn’t looking as fresh and teenage as it used to.

I usually reach for my favourite exfoliator but soon realised it was never coming back into stock anywhere (I’d been waiting a while) because it contained micro-beads which aren’t allowed under new legislation. I was feeling at a loss, wondering how I’d keep my skin bright, when I realised you can do chemical peels at home!

Thankfully, the lovely people at Bravura came to the rescue and very kindly send me some products to try in return for this review.

The package contained a bottle of Glycolic Acid 10%, Revitalising Ginseng Toner, a brush for application and instructions.

I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura's Acid Peel

My Skin

I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura's Acid Peel

(Please excuse the eyebrows, I am make-up free.)

As you can see, my skin isn’t terrible but it has uneven tones and texture. I think you can tell I haven’t exfoliated in a little while and as a result my skin is looking dull. Not quite the dewy, youthful look my skin used to have.

I wanted to achieve even results without the process being too harsh.

My skin is combination, with an oily T-zone but can verge on dry when I over-exfoliate.

The Method

Application was extremely simple. I cleansed my skin gently and didn’t use anything to exfoliate prior to the treatment. I then used the Ginseng Revitalising Toner to prep my skin for the acid peel. It’s not essential to buy the toner to accompany the peel, but if you don’t, then you need to wait 30 minutes after cleansing to allow your skin’s PH level to settle back to normal.

After the toner, I used to pipette to drip a small amount of the peel into a shot glass and applied it to my skin with the brush included. It’s really important to avoid the very sensitive skin around the eyes and lips (and never apply to broken skin, this rule applies to lots of products).

After exactly 5 minutes (and you have to be exact) I washed the acid off by using lots of warm water. This neutralises it and stops it working. I used one of my super soft towels to pat my skin dry.

The Results

My skin felt incredibly smooth. The instructions recommend to moisturise straight after use so I went for a thick and creamy Olay moisturiser.

My skin looked a little pink, but that’s how I usually look when I’ve washed my face anyway, so nothing alarming there. My skin tone instantly looked even and much brighter.

I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura's Acid Peel I Swapped My Exfoliator for Bravura's Acid Peel

The Following Days

My skin has felt smooth and beautiful ever since I exfoliated with the Bravura Acid Peel. My make-up has glided on smoothly and didn’t sit oddly on top of the skin in my chin area (which was a problem area).

Before the peel I had blemishes that were not raised like spots, but still a reddish colour; after the peel they had disappeared.

It’s been a week so I’m ready to do it again. I’ve found it quick and simple and it gives a better result than my old exfoliator ever did. I’m really happy for this to be my new routine.

Glycolic Acid 10%

This is the acid I was sent because it’s got a reputation for being a bit of a cure-all. It takes care of many different skin complaints and exfoliates to make the skin look brighter and healthier. It is meant to help with discolouration (which will be why I was less blotchy after) and helps remove fine lines and the dullness of ageing skin (it definitely did that too).

Glycolic acid is also linked with helping the skin to produce extra collagen, which is what we owe the elasticity in our skin to. Collagen production decreases with age, which is what causes lines and wrinkles to form.

My Verdict

I’m really happy with the results. It has given my skin a revitalising boost and my skin tone looks even when I’ve not bothered with foundation. I’d recommend it to anyone!


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  1. This looks interesting – I turned 30 back in June (eeeesh 31 is looming ever closer) and my skin has definitely taken a turn for the worse. But I also struggle with rosacea so I wonder if something like this might be too harsh? I need to experiment to find something that wont make me react 🙁 #rv&ht

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