Styling Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is a huge part of your big day. It’s a time that everyone looks forward to; the speeches, catching up with relatives they haven’t see for ages, FOOD (that’s a big on for me haha).

The room you spend your wedding reception in needs to reflect the beauty of your relationship. It seems to be the done thing now to have table and chair linens. You can dress the chairs up further with chair sashes for weddings. To me, this is the best way to personalise your day. If you leave the chairs and tables uncovered, then I don’t feel like the room has been personalised.

Styling Your Wedding Reception

Before deciding on what colours to go with, you need to go with a theme. I’ve seen from Pinterest that the ‘precious metals’ theme was big last year. I saw lots a beauty gold, silver and bronze chair sashes.

Table centrepieces are next on your list and there’s so much more to consider than flowers now. Some people switch up flowers for vintage little lanterns. One beautiful wedding I attended a couple of years ago had woodland creatures handmade out of wood. The little creatures were so cute and unique, they brought so much individuality to the day!

I’ve also been to some weddings that have a big screen and project a slideshow. This is a modern twist on a traditional day. I’ve even known some best man give speeches and use the screen as a visual aid (make sure your stag doesn’t get too drunk on his do, or you might see some unsightly photos on your big day!).

Wedding favours have also come a long way from pastel sugared almonds. I’ve seen jelly beans in tiny mason jars, personalised little wooden boxes with luxury chocolates inside and even bespoke fortune cookies! Whatever you go for, make it special to you. It doesn’t need to be showy, it just needs to represent you as a couple. It’s your day after all.

How did you personalise your wedding reception? Were you a Pinterest addict or a keeper of tradition? I’d love to know!

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