Stuck In a Life Rut? Here’s Why

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A lot of people are feeling discontent, bored, unchallenged, unadventurous, and a bunch of other similarly uninspiring adjectives. Some call this being stuck in a sort of life rut, and if you stay in that rut then it can lead to a lot of emotional ills later in life! In fact, a lot of cases of depression are thought to stem from (or at least be greatly exaggerated by) being stuck in a rut. Here are a few of the reasons that you may be in such a situation.


You’re indulging in fantasy

So many people who know they’re in a rut are thinking this way because they often have an idyllic image in their heads of what their life could or should be like. They imagine having a more fulfilling job or doing more exciting things in their free time. But how many of them will actively engage in actions that will help them towards these goals? Very few. The problem is usually that these goals are often vague and long-term. Define them better and divide the goal into short-term goals.

Stuck In a Life Rut? Here's Why


You’re not challenging yourself

Working towards short-term goals is a way of challenging yourself, and it’s that sense of challenge that is often missing from the lives of those who feel they’re stuck in a rut. You should consider exercising more to push your physical limits, and learning a new skill to test your intellectual ones. You may even consider going to a university and taking on a new subject via an associates degree. Wondering why you should get an associates degree? Well, it not only challenges you, but could also be a springboard into a new career.


You’ve gotten too comfortable at work

By far the most common reason that people find themselves in a rut is that they’ve been in the same line of work for a very long time, often with little visible chance of advancing within that career. If you’re truly content with your work, then this shouldn’t weigh too much on your mind. But a lot of people really aren’t that happy with their job, but because it’s relatively easy and pays well, they don’t want to risk “rocking the boat” by looking at other jobs. But it’s definitely better to check out your options than remain in your job for several more years and wondering later if things could have been different. You don’t have to commit to anything – just take a look at what else is out there.

Stuck In a Life Rut? Here's Why


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