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Spring Clean Your Life to Reduce Stress

Just plain old existing in these modern times can be positively exhausting. I’ve been staying up late Googling ways to reduce stress (I know, I know, looking at a screen right before bed is no good, and neither is staying up late) and I came across loads of suggestions.

Accidental Hipster Mum

I’ve come to the conclusion there is no quick fix, and in order to reduce the stress in your life, you need to give it a good spring clean. Blow out the cobwebs, let in the light, and start paving the way to live your best life.

Slow Down

Reduce stress

Life is so fast-paced. Anyone can reach you -anywhere, anytime – and make demands on you. Rushing everything that you do can be an easy habit to fall into. Rushing doesn’t tend to get a job done any better or any faster, but it does increase your stress levels. Put simply: rushing is useless.

Take a deep breath, make a list of what need doing and prioritise. Another secret to slowing down is making sure you have less on your plate. Learn to say no without feeling guilty, the first few times will feel strange but I promise it gets easier.

Take Care of Yourself

Reduce stress

Eat well and eat often. It doesn’t have to be all kale smoothies, just make sure you’re keeping yourself fed and not missing meals. Eating more fresh and wholesome food will instantly lift your mood. Processed foods can leave you feeling sluggish and even more exhausted. Junk food can be a nice treat, you don’t need to say goodbye completely, just be mindful of what goes into your body.

Which leads me to my next point…

Say Goodbye to the Cigarettes

Reduce stress

I’m not a smoker, but a lot of my friends were. They all started to give up about a year ago (I guess approaching 30 does something to people) and they all agree that switching to vaping as they cut down was the key thing that made quitting stick this time. I have one friend who jokes that on nights out it’s her ‘hipster hand accessory‘. She swears it keeps her hands too busy to smoke real cigarettes and text unsuitable men. Winner!

Say Goodbye to Toxic Relationships (and Nurture the Good Ones)

Reduce stress

I’m not just talking about romantic partners, I’m talking about friends too. If you have anyone in your life that brings high drama or leaves your feeling bad about yourself then GET RID! Don’t let people lean on you or take advantage of your good nature only to not repay the favour when you need it. You life will feel much better when you rid yourself of those who drag you down.

Book a Holiday

Reduce stress

Life can feel pretty stagnant at times, especially when you’re busy. Everybody needs something to look forward to, if you can’t think of anything in your future that you’re excited about then make something happen! It doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t need to go far. Change your surroundings, walk away from your humdrum existence for 24 hours (or longer if you can). Book a spa break, visit a friend who lives away, get a late deal. DO SOMETHING – you’ll be glad you did!

Spend More Time Outside

Reduce stress

Now that it’s May, the weather has picked up, you can’t use it as an excuse to stay in any more. I’m not very outdoorsy, but I always notice how much my mood has lifted if I’ve spent some time outside. Everybody can benefit from inhaling some fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D. What are you waiting for?

Make Time for Your Friends

Reduce stress

Your friends are your lifeline. They know you the best, they’ve seen you at your worst and they love you completely. Even if you have kids, make time to get away and see your friends. When I meet up with mine, I’m reminded I’m not just a mum but a person in my own right. Seeing my friends is often the only thing that makes me feel human.

Have you got any tips to reduce stress? I’m dying to know them.

Let me know how you get on!

9 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Life to Reduce Stress

  1. I love a good old music session. Listen to a old album you use to love but haven’t for a long time. Takes you right back to good memories and times

    1. Definitely, it’s funny how music can do that to you! The Libertines remind me of my youth and I love it

  2. Sometimes I find meeting up with my friends without the kids in tow gives me almost a new lease of life. for that briefest of moments I feel young, free & single again! Love this list, so many good ideas (and so many I need to get on with haha!) #RV&HT

  3. Great post Jenny, I find myself doing everything in a rush and its so important to slow down, yet I’ve got into such a habit I almost can’t remember how! You’re right that it just leads to a more stressful existence. Two things I find helpful in addition to those you mentioned, are reading a great book, learning a new skill in a relaxed manner (for me something crafty usually helps me relax) and also mindfulness. #RVHT

  4. That is so true about toxic relationships. I met some Mum friends and one was just awful. It came to blows and she was so bitchy and it’s taken me a long time to get over it all. I feel better now she is out of my life. #RVHT

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