Spotlight Stationery ‘Architecture’ – August Unboxing

The August box from Spotlight Stationery box has been sitting on my dining table, begging to be written about.

I don’t like to review it immediately, as a couple of my readers also subscribe but live outside of the UK and don’t like spoilers (they get it later than me), so I try to wait a few days before the big reveal. I started back at uni this week too, which delayed this post a little because I’m incredibly lazy.

Anyway, on with the unboxing!

spotlight stationery august box

August’s theme, as you may have guessed from the title, is ‘Architecture’.

spotlight stationery august unboxing
Wonderful artwork from students of National Star College

Each month postcards are included in the box and this month’s postcards have an extra special link with Spotlight Stationery because they have been created by pupils of National Star College, a charity that Spotlight Stationery donates to with profits from every box purchased. I love them all!


spotlight stationery unboxing august

I’m always in need of a bookmark, and this one is so pretty! I think this should be reserved for the books I take out in my handbag with me, I’ve been known to start a book when I’m out and about, then been forced to use Costa napkin to hold my place because I’m unprepared! This bookmark needs showing off and I definitely need one for ‘outdoors’.

Museums and Galleries Pocket Journal

spotlight stationery unboxing august

It’s classy and grown up, just look at the inside cover!

spotlight stationery unboxing august

This perfect for taking notes at uni when I’ve got my serious head on. The pages are good quality which allows my pen to flow smoothly, and the front fastening is magnetic (to stop my thoughts spilling out into my handbag!).

Uni-Ball Pens

spotlight stationery unboxing august

I’m one of those weird people who has best pens that I don’t let anyone touch. I know I keep going on about it, but my fiance snapped a bit off one of my posh pens and he was already an unauthorised user! Of course, it’s poor etiquette to refuse people a pen when they ask, so I keep some terrible ones from the pound shop about my person so I can look generous, whilst they have an awful time writing with them. These Uni-Ball pens are going to stay in my non-sharing collection so only I can enjoy their luxurious flow!

The City Works Notebook

spotlight stationery unboxing august

Did you know about debossing? I didn’t but doesn’t it produce a gorgeous result?! It’s an illustration of the buildings on the South Bank of the Thames, can you spot any you recognise? I’ll give you a clue, the London Eye is on there. The paper inside is plain so I’m going to use this as a sketch book to plan out the designs for the crochet patterns I write.

The City Works Greetings Card

spotlight stationery unboxing august

This card has an intricate illustration of famous towers in London, and is the perfect greetings card to send to any Anglophile in your address book.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming to me this month, the next box ships on 23rd September, so get in quick if you want to join this super cool club (it’s not really a club).

My love of stationery is stationary.

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