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SoundPEATS B30 Earphones Review & Discount Code

When I opened the SoundPEATS B30 Earphones I’d received for review, Accidental Hipster Dad pounced on them. He’s a bit of a headphones geek and wanted to try them out. I’d actually been sent two sets; these and some SoundPEATS Q16 wireless bluetooth earphones to review as well, so I didn’t mind sharing.

SoundPEATS B30 Earphones Review (written by Accidental Hipster Dad)

SoundPEATS B30 Earphones

What a pleasant surprise these earphones are! The first thing you’ll notice about the SoundPeats B30s is how different they sound from most other sets: the mid-range is sharp and clear, and the treble sparkles with a crystalline clarity.
Hitherto unheard elements of tracks are suddenly pushed closer to the forefront of the mix.  Arthur Verocai’s Caboclo had always given a vague impression of some vocal layering, but the B30s are able to separate the voices to the extent that you can actually hear two distinct singers at work.  This was the case with many other tracks too, even being able to pull previously undetected bells out of the silence of Brian Eno’s 1/1 that my Audio Technica ATH-M50s (at almost 7 times the price of the B30s) failed to pick up.
SoundPEATS B30 Earphones review
The almost surgical way in which the B30s are able to part sounds in the mid-range and treble would make these a great earphone for fans of well-mixed pop or folksy singer-songwriter led songs.  That’s not to say that the B30s neglect the lower frequencies though.  In fact, whilst they may sound less bassy than others, it seems that their skill at separating sounds from one another also makes the bass crisper.  Low-range reverb is reduced to a minimum, clearing the sometimes ‘muddy’ sound that bass-heavy songs can often mire themselves in.  This means that the more sonorous tones of Daughn Gibson’s Tiffany Lou, and the marauding bassline of Lo-Fidelity Allstars’ Voodoo House benefit from a sharpness that opens up both.
For their price, these are a great choice as an upgrade for anyone frustrated with the often woeful efforts bundled with iPhones and other smartphones, and are certainly on a par, if not better, than my similarly-priced old pair of in-ear Sennheisers. Recommended.

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1 thought on “SoundPEATS B30 Earphones Review & Discount Code

  1. nice review , especially the music artists references (sourced your reference points).
    I purchased two pairs B30’s (still in the mail) because of foundational reasons brought up in articles like yours.
    Being a computer & electronics tech and low level polymath in the Trivium / Quadrivium, i look forward to listening to a truer audio spectrum.
    David M. in Seminole, Fl. u.s.a.

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