A Sneak Peek of my Autumn Wedding

I’m having an autumn wedding. This autumn, in fact. It’s at the beginning of November and I’m very excited, so I thought I’d show you all how it will hopefully look!

We’re going for a shortish big day, with the ceremony beginning at 4:30. There won’t be any speeches or a sit down meal, it’ll just be an intimate ceremony, followed by a party. I’m really excited and we’re almost completely ready for it (aside from making final payments and choosing music).

I’ve got my dress (which I won’t show you for obvious reasons). I got something ‘off-the-rack’ from the Ivory Gown in Ulceby. If you’re Lincolnshire way on, I really recommend them, the ladies were lovely and so helpful. They also had a good selection of dresses in various sizes. Something I was pleased about was that they have fitting room assistants to fasten the dresses at the back. I wasn’t sure what to expect with it being more of a discount bridal shop but it felt lovely and dressy.

Anyway, I’ll show you what I’ve got. We’ve tried not to go made with the spending so I’ll share prices with you. Some of the links may be affiliate links but I’ve paid for everything myself and haven’t received any discount for the items I’m showing you. I’m only telling you where you can buy the things I bought, the recommendations are genuine.


Autumn Wedding

I bought these from NessaNoelle’s Etsy shop and the listing can be found here. These obviously aren’t my invitations, but I didn’t fancy sharing a photo that told  world where and when my wedding would be. The card is high quality, she sends you a proof before she prints and there are a few packages available.

She made me a custom listing and it took about 10 days before they came. I paid £1.75 per invite and didn’t go for the RSVP cards or that lovely band you can see in the picture. I think they’re really good value, wedding invitations can be very pricey! The lady was lovely and communication was good.

The Bridesmaids

I’m having a handful of bridesmaids. My daughter is obviously on the list, but so are my friends, my sister and my nieces. The two youngest (my daughter and my younger niece) are going to wear peach.

my autumn weddingThis dress was insanely cheap considering how nice it is and how pricey they can be. I got it from Amazon and I believe it’s Chinese sizing so we had to size up for the little ones and I recommend you doing the same. It was only £9.99 + P&P! You can buy it by following this link.

I also bought a darker peach and gold coloured flower crown for the little ones, but when it came it was so lovely my older niece wanted one too and I’ve ordered on for my (you know, as a leisure crown). This was also an insane Amazon bargain for £1.29! I believe it was reduced so maybe get in quick in case the price goes up. This link will take you there. It’s also worth noting it comes flat and you mould it yourself so it fits big and little heads because it ties at the back.

peach and gold autumnal floral crown for bridesmaids
I took this photo, the promo photos on Amazon look darker, this is more true to colour.

The grown up sized bridesmaid will be wearing navy which I think when it’s paired with peach will give some nice autumn vibes. Also it matches my invitations.

I really, really love the navy bridesmaid dresses, I want one for myself an may well get one if I go anywhere posh in the future. These are another Chinese buy so size up, we did. They did all come through slightly baggy at the neckline, but as is’t simple netting it should be easy to get altered (and to be honest, even after altering them, it’s still cheaper than getting anything else of similar quality. Here’s the navy dress, modelled by my lovely niece (she’s also wearing the flower crown above).

long navy and lace bridesmaid dress for autumn wedding

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s from ebay and cost £28.49! Absolute bargain! You can buy it by clicking this link, you’ll need to select navy if you want this specific one and don’t forget to size up! Communication was good and if different users order the same dress for the same wedding, if you tell the seller they’ll use the same fabric so there are no discrepancies.

The Flowers

I’ve decided to go complementary colours instead of matching my bridesmaids. I prefer things to look a little more rustic, rather than too perfect. So the floral crowns are similar but not the same as the bouquets. My bouquet has some lovely autumnal tones but is still pretty neutral. It’s not massive either. I’ll be walking own the aisle with little Greg so I needed something I can hold with one hand. Perfect

my bridal bouquet

This was another Etsy spesh from JamJarFlorist. It was only about £65 but they’ve sold out now I’ve bought it. You can visit the Etsy shop by clicking this link, they have some similar designs to choose from.

For the bridesmaids I went for a complementary look instead of matching because I wanted mine to stand out.

They haven’t arrived yet but I’ll be posting it on Instagram when they do. I think Rob is getting a buttonhole to match. These are £18 a bunch for bridesmaids and she does custom orders if you ask. You can find this listing here.

The Bride

That’ll be me! Obviously I can’t show you my dress (it’ll be bad luck!) but I can tell you it’s ivory. I’ll be doing my own hair and makeup because I’m a control freak and never like how anyone else does it for me! I’ll be having my hair down and curly with a beautiful flower crown (Rob, if you don’t want to see it, look away now!).

This is another Etsy buy and a complete bargain. I think it was about £21 but I’ve seen similar ones in the £60-£90 range! Again, I’ve bought the only one like this but the shop still has other designs at great prices. You can see the shop by clicking here.

my bridal floal crown for an autumn wedding

I’m so excited! Once the wedding is done and I have the proper photos, I promise to share!

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  1. Wow whats not to love about all those beautiful things! I love autumn its my fave time of year, snuggly yet not freezing. I especially love your invitation design, Super classy. ~#RVHT

  2. How exciting!! I love a good wedding and yours looks like its going to be just perfect for you, the bridesmaid dresses and floral crowns are stunning! Can’t wait to see your photos after your special day. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

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