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Simply Cook is Simply Lush!

Yesterday I had the most delicious lunch; the Simply Cook Thai Red Prawn Curry. It was honestly amazing and I can’t wait to try the other meals in the box.

Simply Cook Thai Red Prawn Curry

Simply Cook make gorgeous recipe boxes which help you put together a healthy, fresh meal that’s full of flavour, and involves minimal effort. I was lucky enough to receive a box in exchange for a review and I am so impressed!

What happens is Simply Cook send you a box of recipes and all of the flavours you need to create them, as well as a shopping list for each meal. It’s great because the recipes incorporate items you’re likely to have in your cupboard as well as lots of fresh, healthy food to leave you feeling great.

Simply Cook is Simply Lush!

Simply Cook Thai Red Curry
It even has the calories per serving on the recipe!

I especially like that the recipes are flexible. I added more veg than the recipe asked for; it was still really tasty and I patted myself on the back for being extra healthy.

Simply Cook Thai Red Curry
Fresh veg and the seasoning from the box.

So what was in my box?

Simply Cook is Simply Lush!

I received four recipe kits: BBQ Tandoori Chicken, Thai Red Prawn Curry, Bokkeumbap and Malay Laksa. As you already know I went straight for the Thai Red Curry because I absolutely love that dish.

Simply Cook Thai Red Curry
Look how fresh and healthy it looks!

It didn’t disappoint and felt like a restaurant quality meal that I was pretty proud of constructing. I’m also pleased that the recipe was realistic about what I would have in my cupboard, it knew my shopping list would need coconut milk on it. I’ve used meal kits before that assume I’ll have all sorts of exotic things already in stock, rather than the biscuits and Marmite that my cupboard actually contains.

It didn’t take long to cook and the recipe was incredibly easy to follow, which made it all the better.

I’ve teamed up with Simply Cook and managed to arrange an offer for my readers.

If you’d like a trial box you can get one for £3 just by following this link.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and eat well!



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  1. I’ve looked at these boxes before and thought they look good. I quite enjoy experimenting with flavour combinations and recipes though, so I haven’t tried a box yet for fear that I’ll feel whatever the cooking version of emasculated is haha!! #RV&HT

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