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Simply Cook Recipe Box Review & Promo Discount

My recent post about the Simply Cook recipe box review (Simply Cook is Simply Lush) focused on the gorgeous Thai Red Prawn Curry I was able to make with my the Simply Cook recipe box I received for trial. It was gorgeous, as I’m sure you gathered from the post, but it was a safe choice on my part because I already knew I loved Thai red curry.

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Simply Cook Thai Red Prawn Curry

Simply Cook Recipe Box Review

I was feeling a little more adventurous last night, so plumped for something I’d never heard of – Bokkeumbap.

simply cook review bokkeumbap

The picture looked tasty so I thought I’d give it a go, I already had all the ingredients needed, so it was lovely that I didn’t have to shop in order to cook such a fancy dish.

According to the recipe card, Bokkeumbap means fried rice. We’re a hungry bunch in our house so we made a little more rice than the recipe suggested, but I don’t think it diluted the flavour in any way. I also went to town on the veg because I wanted a healthy feast.

simply cook review bokkeumbap

The recipe suggests 1/2 a white cabbage, 3 spring onions and any veg or leftovers you need to use up. We had no leftovers to add but I did have some veg that I thought would complement the ingredients. I added some kale, some thinly cooked carrot strips and a couple of shallots too.

The method was super simple, I had to add little pots of flavouring at different times in the cooking process, but as it was quite a basic stir fry method, it involved nothing more taxing than stirring.

My egg-frying needs some practice, but my fiance has perfected the art and got a picture that actually resembled the recipe card for me. Look at his handy work!

simply cook review bokkeumbap

He’s mildly embarrassed that the egg isn’t perfect, but I ruined the yolk on mine so I was glad of his skills!

The flavour was delicious. I had no idea what Korean food should taste like, but Bokkeumbap was gorgeous! I’m not great at food descriptions, but it was savoury, with a small kick to it. It tasted a little bit like Chinese food, but the flavour felt less in-your-face and more natural.

Since Rob doesn’t eat any meat these days, it was fab to be able to make something that we could both enjoy without me feeling like I was making a compromise.

Simply Cook cater for vegetarians and those who eat a gluten-free diet too.

Claim your trial box for just £3! 

Simply Cook Review


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3 thoughts on “Simply Cook Recipe Box Review & Promo Discount

  1. I must say it does sound and look really tasty. I am always unsure about cooking fried rice dishes cause I am useless at cooking rice. I should probably just try again though. I love trying different food and this looks like something we’d all enjoy. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun x

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