Why Shouldn’t You Pour Fat Down the Drain?

Christmas is a great time to flex your cooking muscles, isn’t it? Cookies for Santa, pigs in blankets, the big bird and (everyone’s favourite) the perfect roast potato!

With all this stuff on the go, you can end up with a surplus of used fat and a bit of uncertainty about what to do with it. It doesn’t feel right just pouring it straight into the bin, but I see in the papers every year that your should NEVER put it down the drain.

The reason you shouldn’t pour it down the drain, in case you were wondering, is because is hardens in the pipes and completely blocks them. Certainly not ideal!

What can you do about it?

This year I’ve got this fab ‘fat trapper’ to help me dispose of the surplus fat. I’m a fan because it’s inexpensive and bio-degradable, but you don’t even have to invest in anything. United Utilities have made this great guide for you.

United Utilities is desperate to raise awareness on how to prevent blockages caused by fat. A whopping 28,000 blockages across the North West of England are avoidable (and let’s face it, who wants to chase down a plumber on Christmas day – or pay those eye-watering fees!).

#BinFat2WinThat ‘My Roastie Photie’ Competition

Because United Utilities are passionate about ensuring there isn’t a massive fat-berg crisis this Christmas, they have launched a competition to help raise awareness and spread the message, giving five lucky people the chance to win £100 of food vouchers!

All you have to do is share a photie of your roastie on United Utilities Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BinFat2WinThat

My Perfect Roasties

How do you cook yours?

There’s loads of discussion about what constitutes the perfect roast potato. There’s even been an ongoing discussion on the radio when I’m on the school run about cooking and freezing your roasties ready for the big day. Would you do that?!

Here’s what I do:

I like mine small so I peel and chop them but don’t let ANY big ones in.

Then I boil them until they are soft, then drain and put on a baking tray. Then I use sunflower oil and a pastry brush and make sure every potato is coated in the cooking oil, then sprinke a little rosemary on and cook until they are golden brown (I never time them, but probably about 20 mins).

I’m always left with a load of fat in the baking tray in the end but never put it down the drain (even though I didn’t fully know why, my mum just always told me not to).

So, what do you do?

Tell me about your roasties.

If you’re someone who freezes them, how do you even execute that?!

2 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t You Pour Fat Down the Drain?

  1. Thanks for the heads up about the competition I will have to remember to take a pic of our Christmas day roasters. We don’t use a great deal of fat in our cooking but when we do we bin it, I can’t stand the thought of it all getting stuck in the drains. #TuesdayTreasures

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