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Shark Bite Game Review & Giveaway

Shark Bite is a super fun game from Drummond Park that revolves around your little heroes rescuing fish from the jaws of a hungry shark!

Let the dice decide how many fish you need to save when it’s your turn to roll. The question is, will you succeed? Or will those big, toothy jaws stop you in your tracks?

When we received Shark Bite, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in with my resident toy tester, Emma. We were having so much fun, Greg – toy tester in training, tried to join in. Considering he’s a little younger than the advised age, he didn’t fare too badly!

Shark bite game review

So what’s in the box?

Shark bite review

The game revolves around the mechanical shark, which is the biggest part in the box. There are also 12 fish that sit in the jaws of the beast while they await their rescue (with the fishing rod which is also included).

A dice dictates the amount of fish any player must rescue. The stickers for the dice and the shark’s eyes come in a sealed packet. Some brief instructions are also included.

How do you play?

The principle of the game is really easy – save the fish and don’t get bitten!

Shark bite review

The shark’s jaws should be opened until you a hear a ‘click’ and the fish should be placed in each hole. Once the dice has been rolled, the person whose turn it is uses the rod included to hook the fish out.

The fish only counts as ‘saved’ once it has completely passed Mr Shark’s jaws. Whoever has the most fish at the end of the game wins. But be careful, who knows when that shark will bite?

Shark bite review

What did we think?

We love it! It took seconds to set up, gameplay starts as soon as you want it to. It allows for up to four players which is perfect for a family our size.

The recommended age is 4+ but Greg (who is very nearly 3) was able to do it, with some supervision. Emma is 8 and was squealing with joy. (I’m 30 and I thought it was great!)

She’s been at her dad’s this past week and this was waiting for her when she got back. It’s the perfect game to end the holidays on and to see us into school-night entertainment.

Shark bite review

The concentration on the kids’ faces is priceless, as are the gasps and guffaws that ensue when the shark claims back his fishy dinner!

Shark bit game review

Shark bite doesn’t take long to set up and is quite a short game. This is perfect when you have children of different ages, as there’s nothing for the younger ones to get bored of and the game can be played over and over without excitement waning.

You can buy Shark Bite from Amazon for £24.99 but I think you should enter my giveaway below!

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40 thoughts on “Shark Bite Game Review & Giveaway

  1. These games scare me!! Bit like buckaroo from my childhood, always hated the surprise end! Looks like a well made game though, loving the concentration on their faces! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  2. Drummond park games are a firm favourite in our household- hours of fun for all ages and they always have great ideas. My heart on the other hand cant take the jumps and scares haha #RVHT

    1. They’re really good aren’t they. I love that Greg is almost old enough to join in. He’s not a great opponent but I think he’ll be good fun when he’s a tiny bit older x

    1. I don’t know if my little boy will be. My daughter was very keen on books but my son will only spend a short amount of time to being read to. x

  3. Oh wow this game looks hilarious and something I think Mia would absolutely love! She is obsessed with games at the moment but as she is only 4, she sometimes struggles with the older games. She has just started school so I’m sure she will be learning to read very soon! 🙂


  4. My son is almost six. He is not fluent yet, he still needs to build words up. His teacher said that this is normal for his age.

  5. My son has severe dyslexia and sight problems so he took longer to learn to read, but I would say that when he started school around 5 he started to learn.
    My daughter has loved books forever, and learnt to read from Nursery around 4

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