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Sewing and Learning: Skills Sewing Can Teach Kids

There is often a lot of debate in budget meetings about whether or not Home Economics or Sewing classes are useful parts of a curriculum. Some may say that sewing is a frivolous hobby that no longer has any use in this society. Others may argue that sewing is a useful skill. While it is easy to see how sewing can be useful in and of itself, I think there are far greater skills to be learned from sewing than just knowing how to sew on a button.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are those generally associated with math, science, and physics. They are easily applicable to the modern world and are lauded as necessary to succeed in life. Below are just some of the hard skills that can be learned through sewing:

  • Geometry: Sewing requires a lot of thought around different shapes and how they fit together. This skill can be transferred to trades such as architecture, construction, design, and engineering.
  • Math: Sewing requires a lot of simple math. It is used when calculating fabric needs and other material requirements. It is necessary to do any alterations to patterns and is often used to figure out what the perfect size is for the pattern being worked on. Math is useful in many trades but includes teaching, accounting, engineering, and business.
  • Coordination: This may seem like an odd one to some people but sewing can require a great amount of coordination. Between feeding the fabric into the machine and making sure to remove pins, there is a lot of hand eye coordination necessary to successfully complete a project. Coordination is useful in many areas of life including sports, construction, and field work.
  • Planning: Sewing a project can take a lot of planning. You need to know how pieces fit together, what materials you’ll need, and what order things need to be done in. Planning can be exceptionally useful in all aspects of life but is a particularly useful skill in event planning, scheduling, project management, and engineering.
  • Design: Sewing requires a lot of thought around color coordination. It also requires thought around the drape of the fabric being used and the texture or pattern of the fabric and how one coordinates with the other. This is a very useful skill in graphic design, architecture, and any job which requires an aesthetic component.

Sewing and Learning: Skills Sewing Can Teach Kids

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the often underrated talents which allow them to interact with other people. A “people person” generally has these skills in abundance and these skills are what often propels an individual up the ranks at a job or give them satisfaction in life.

  • Creative Freedom: Sewing teaches kids that it’s ok to experiment with ideas. It allows them to expand their minds and explore different thoughts and ideas. This skill gives them a leg up whenever they are pursuing a new dream or helping with a creative venture.
  • Discipline and Perseverance: Completing large sewing projects takes a lot of discipline. It instills a work ethic to see even difficult projects through to the end. If a project does not go exactly as planned, they learn to think of solutions and persevere through the difficulty. This is a useful skill in any industry and will help kids forge ahead past obstacles they may encounter in their lives.
  • Gratitude: This skill is often overlooked. Being able to feel and express gratitude is one of the keys to having a happy life. By sewing their own items and seeing how much work something takes to make, this often fosters a feeling of gratitude that there are people out there that can do this for them and also the gratitude that they have the opportunity to learn sewing in the first place. Anyone who has ever seen the joy on a child’s face when they finally get to try a sewing machine knows what true gratitude looks like.

Sewing can teach a plethora of skills, both hard and soft, all of which help to round out a child and give them the foundations they need to grow as a person. You will be surprised that there are a lot of kids sewing machine in the market today that will make their sewing journey an easy, fun, and safe learning experience.

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