#Serenz Allergy Relief Review

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I suffer from terrible hay fever. Almost nothing has worked for me in the past so I usually spend April to October with a nose that’s purely ornamental.

When I saw the opportunity to trial Serenz Allergy Relief, I jumped at it. It’s a natural product and doesn’t involve squirting any steroid liquid up your nose (which, for me, would usually  lead to a five minute sneezing fit) and it doesn’t involve taking tablets (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know all I complain about is needing to nap after taking antihistamines).

Instead it works using carbon dioxide to clear nasal passages.

Serenz allergy relief


Before you use it I would recommend reading the instructions properly, although it is actually quite easy to use, the concept was foreign to me and I’m not sure that I would have grasped it if I hadn’t read what to do first.

It comes with a clear plastic lid, some instructions and a blue key. I would advise to blow your nose before you start.

If it’s the first time you’re using it, the key has to be inserted into the bottom of the product and turned 180 degrees until it points to the darker green. It’s only necessary to do this the first time you use it, after that it’s ready to go.

Serenz allergy relief


All you have to do to use it is put it in your nostril, press the button and count to ten (remember not to inhale!) you can either breath through your mouth or hold your breath. During this time it expels some carbon dioxide which clears your nasal passages and helps calm your allergies in minutes.

The leaflet warned that it’s completely normal to experience a mild stinging or tingling sensation as the carbon dioxide is administered. For me it didn’t sting, as such, but it was an unusual feeling.

I was really impressed because I didn’t end up in a sneezing fit and I could breathe through my nose again almost instantly!

It also says in the instructions that it’s fine to use up to six times per day but I’ve only needed to use it two or three. Considering I normally experience a lot of trouble with  allergies, I’m really with pleased how effective the results have been.

I’ll definitely continue to use it and I’ll certainly be recommending it to my friends, if you want to buy some, it’s available here.


Serenz Allergy Relief

I received payment for taking the time to review this product but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I love this product! I have not recieved anything from the company that makes Serenz but air! At last I can breathe again. Thank you for making this product. I never thought I would be able to breathe so free.

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