Searching for your Perfect Wedding Venue

When we first got engaged, it took us a little while to book everything because we didn’t know where we wanted to get married. We didn’t really know where we could get married.

We ended up using a venue finding service so we could see which wedding venues were available to us locally. Even though I’ve lived in the same place all my life, it’s really hard to think of wedding venues off the top of your head!

Like all fussy brides, I had some sort of vague criteria for what I wanted. I’d seen a place that had recently been refurbished and was beautiful on the inside, but I wasn’t keen on the way the building looked from the outside. It wasn’t badly maintained or anything, it just looked a bit like an 80’s hospital in my opinion.

I wanted a venue that looks beautiful and old from the outside and stylish on the inside. I want it to be somewhere that when I point it out to my grandchildren, they gasp and say how pretty it is. I know, I’m a diva right?

We also had to consider location, even considering somewhere that was only slightly out of town might have ruled out some of our elderly relatives. Also, my sister has a little baby so ideally, we needed somewhere that if needs must, was easy for her or her husband to nip home and get things (I’m sure you know how quickly babies can get through outfits, especially when its’s a special occasion!).

We made a shortlist, went around some places to get an up-close inspection, then settled on where we wanted. We didn’t have any dates in mind, other than sometime after September this year.

Luckily, our venue had one date free in November so we snapped it up. I know later in the year isn’t traditional wedding season, but I’m not so bothered about outside photos and we really wanted to get it booked.

Now we’re tasked with managing to get it all wrapped up in the next few months. I’ve not even looked at dresses!

If anyone has any time saving wedding hacks, I’d love to know them. I think I’ll need it!


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