Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

About a month ago, I booked my wedding for later this year. I know, I must be mad! We’re keeping it simple and we’re trying not to splurge on unnecessary things. With the wedding being so soon, we’ve put ourselves under financial pressure for a short space of time, so when Plusnet offered to send me some goodies to help me save money before the wedding I was thrilled.

Look at this fantastic haul!

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

There’s plenty in this gift package to keep me busy (and in pocket). The parcel contained:

  • A calculator
  • A Busy B Oh-So-Clever Budget Planner Notebook
  • Money box
  • Meal planner sheets
  • A Cotton reusable bag
  • Lonely Planet Best Things in Life are Free book
  • A light box (which I’ll be counting down on!)
  • And a bag of chocolate coins for me to snack on while I plan for my financial future!

There’s so many things to help me here, I started straight away.

Meal Planner & Calculator

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

The meal planner is fab, it’s persuaded me to get some batch cooking done and cut down on convenience foods. I once read that just by planning your weekly shop you will save on average 15%, compared to if you wander around and buy what you fancy! That’s a lot over time. The meal planner has a shopping list section so I can budget for my cooking and add it up with my super sparkly calculator.

Money Box

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

I’ve not had a money box for years, but the novelty of it is encouraging me to save. I plan on dealing in cash while I’m watching my spending. I’ll draw out my shopping budget each week and whatever change I get will go in my nifty little money box.

Busy B Oh-So-Clever Budget Planner Notebook

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

This is perfect for someone like me who freelances. It has a section for regular income and regular expenses, but now I can also write down money I’m waiting on and when I expect it to arrive. This means I can be hot on chasing up late-paying invoices (because I’m currently very lax).

Lonely Planet – The Best Things in Life are Free

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

This book is fabulous, I recommend everyone go and buy it right now. The only thing is, it’s giving me major wanderlust! I never travel and because of this, I never think about travelling. This book has made me want to explore the world. Oh well, at least I can do it on a budget now!

I also didn’t realise how much I spend on bags. I always buy the 10p ones because they are just better, aren’t they? But say I buy 2 or 3 per shopping trip, and I shop twice a week, that’s potentially 60p. No big deal, you say? That’s £31.20 over the course of a year! That’s almost a week’s food in our house! This cotton bag is living in my handbag from now on.

As for the chocolate buttons… Well, they saved me about 70p I’d have spent on a chocolate bar!

Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

Do you have any top tips to help me with saving for my wedding? Let me know in the comments, I could use the advice!

2 thoughts on “Saving for my Wedding with Plusnet

  1. I love wedding posts, and that money box! You are my hero for doing it in 5 months, we just got engaged and are thinking of doing it in 10 but then there are so many savings to be had if you do a late notice wedding. I’m trying to put money away and am going to make as much as possible, I don’t need a expensive dress or honeymoon abroad but I find the biggest hit it the venue and food and as I have a big (lovely) well family the prices do build. So far I’m not feeling the bridal excitement just pressure lol so am going to keep an eye on all your wedding related posts for inspiration!xxx

    1. Oh my god, I’ve got some planning posts coming up because I look looking at wedding stuff. I can’t buy it all but I can share what I was considering! Rob has a big family, so we’re streamlining the people who attend the ceremony then having a big party with and indoor BBQ (which excites me greatly). I’ve got some photos of the room (obviously not done up for a wedding but I’ll share them). How is your planning going? You know I’m going to be stalking you now, don’t you? x

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