Saving For a Rainy Day: Tips To Get Started

Whatever you are looking to do in life, there is always something to save for. As much as I like to be spontaneous from time to time, I think it is important to have some savings for a rainy day. It could be for just that, money in case of an emergency. Or you might be trying to save for a mortgage or to save for the trip of a lifetime. But when you live from payday to payday, having anything to save can seem like an impossibility. Which is why it is a good idea to save on the things that you will be buying anyway.

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I’m no expert, but here are some ways that you can save a little extra each month. I hope it helps and gives you some inspiration to get saving for whatever dreams you have.


Saving For a Rainy Day: Tips To Get Started

Cut Out Unnecessary Spend

We all love to grab a coffee on the way to work, right? But is it really necessary? Making one at home that you can then take with you could work just as well, couldn’t it? Or can you just wait until you’re at work? It might seem like a small thing, but you are paying such a markup for someone else to make your coffee for you. And if it becomes something that you do nearly every time that you leave the house, it can really add up. A £3 drink four times a week is just under £50 a month. So look at what you might spend money on that you don’t really need to. Then you could put that money aside each month instead. Putting aside £50 a month is £600 in a year. We’re not talking big money here, but that is a trip or holiday paid for quite easily.


Look For Vouchers or Voucher Codes

If you like to shop in stores, then there are ways to save. You can look out for vouchers in magazines, as well as ones that are online that you can print out. So from your groceries to buying birthday gifts, you can save on what you need to buy. Shopping online is always a good way to go as well. A site like will have vouchers and voucher codes that you can use when you shop online. So when you need to buy things, I really don’t see the sense in paying more for them than you really need to. The key thing is to know what is a want and what is a need. If you can go longer without it, then the chances are that you just have a want rather than a need. So that can help when you are wanting to be more frugal.


Signup To Mailing Lists

Again, when you shop online for things, it can be a good way to save by signing up for mailing lists. If you go to a website for the first time, a pop-up might come up, offering you money off your purchase if you sign up to their list. If all they want is an email address, then I don’t really see the harm. Plus, throughout the year, they will send you money off voucher codes and even freebies or discounts when it’s your birthday. So it can be worth doing, especially if it is a store that you always like to shop in.

Saving For a Rainy Day: Tips To Get Started

Set an Alarm

This might sound a bit odd, but if you find it hard to save money, then why not set yourself an alarm as a reminder? Just put something on your phone, with an alert, that will remind you to transfer some money to another bank account, or remind you to take some cash out. Quite often people have good intentions to save money. But naturally, we can be quite forgetful. So set yourself an alarm reminder each week or each month. An app like is a way that you could set yourself alarms too. I bet you’ll save yourself a lot more when you do it this way.

Saving For a Rainy Day: Tips To Get Started


Deal in Cash

If you like to shop online for a lot of things, then that is great, and there are many ways to save that way. But for other things, like a night out or doing the food shop, dealing in cash can be a good way to save. You can only spend what you have if you don’t take your cards with you. So you have to really think about what you are putting in your trolley, or how many drinks you can afford. It does make you more mindful of how much you spend, especially for the supermarket shop. And you’ll learn to never go to the supermarket when you’re hungry, as you’ll want to put so many other things in your trolley that you don’t really need!


Look For Cashback Deals

There are credit cards that you can get that help you to earn cashback on purchases. So used well, it can be a really effective tool for managing your money. But if a credit card is too tempting to you, then it could be a good idea to look to do shopping through a cashback site. You can shop in actual stores with these kinds of sites; just make sure that you keep your receipts and then the transaction can be matched to your account. Different stores will have different deals through the cashback site. So you might want to spend a little time looking for the best offer (especially if what you want is sold in multiple stores). Then you can get back a certain percentage from the sale. So you do have to have all of the money up-front. But over time you’ll be able to build up a little savings account from all of the cashback that you’ve earned. Quite simple and easy to do. It is just a case of remembering to do it!


Have you got any tried and tested ways that you have found have helped you to save money? I’d love to hear. Thanks for stopping by.

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