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Saucy Mediterranean Mussels (Without Shells) for 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points

*DISCLAIMER* Cooking seafood from frozen can be risky, so take care, make sure everything is cooked thoroughly as I will not be held accountable for and upset stomachs! This is only an account of what I did, you should do whatever you think is best.

Now that the boring stuff is out the way, let’s get cooking!

This is what you’ll need to feed 2 (double it to feed 4):

1 Large frying pan, with a lid if possible.

200g Cooked frozen mussels with their shells removed (you an buy big bagfuls relatively cheaply).

1 Aubergine (or eggplant, depending on where you’re from

1 Courgette (or zucchini, depending on where you’re from)

A handful of mushrooms

1 Small red onion

1 Tin of tomatoes

5ml Sunflower oil

1/2 tsp chilli powder

A sprinkle of oregano

A splash of Worcester sauce (it might be best to measure it, 1tsp is 0 Smart Points but 2tsp is 1 Smart Point)

Method below:

Chop all the veggies and throw them into a large frying pan with the oil and cook for about 10-15 minutes (or until they look completely done). You can see from my picture I’ve chosen to leave the veg as chunky cut, using this method it does take a while to be completely cooked.

When you’re satisfied those bits are done, throw in a tin of tomatoes and the mussels (I cook them from frozen, check what yours say on the packet, always follow instructions), then turn everything down to a medium heat, add the seasoning (the chilli powder, oregano and Worcester sauce) and let it simmer for about 20 mins with the lid on, stirring occasionally. I want to make sure the mussels are properly cooked throughout. After that, I find the sauce seems extra wet, so in order to thicken it, I whack the heat back up to high and stand by the pan stirring it whilst it bubbles.

(Hint: don’t wear white when cooking this dish!)

After doing this, your dish is ready to serve. I think the chunky vegetables make it rather filling but sometimes I bulk it out with brown rice (6sp for a portion) or have a medium wholemeal pitta to dip in (for 4sp). If you’re feeling extra hungry, you could have it with the rice AND the pitta, and it would only total 13 Smart Points anyway. Bargain!

Mussels Weight Watchers

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  1. Yeah! Bring on the weight watchers recipes!! I have to admit though I really can’t stand mussels. Dave gets excited when I eat out somewhere cos he can have them himself!! Thanks for linking to #abrandnewday

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