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Revive Your Old Clothes

I’m a firm believer of not wasting things and a big advocate for not spending money where you don’t need to. This is why I get my clothes from charity shops, it’s why I make my kids ‘grow into’ things and it’s probably why I’m such a hoarder.

When Emma’s cardigan began to look a little tired she stopped wearing it, even when she was cold. My eight-year-old is very picky about how she looks – a perfectionist of sorts.

Revive Your Old Clothes
The offending cardigan

In her defence, the cardi was greying. You can see it’s of a fluffy nature and those fluffy bits looked really quite grubby. Even my go-to white washing powder, Daz, wasn’t doing anything to breathe life into into this sorry garment.

She had a point, I wouldn’t wear it either.

We hadn’t had it long, but because it started off as bright white, it got washed quite a lot. She’s quite the spiller and her two-year-old brother is a sticky fingered little fan of hers so it was never destined to stay clean for long.

It had cost me about £15 which isn’t loads but I wasn’t keen to discard it just yet, so I had the idea to dye it and I assumed that because it was so light in colour it would take really well.

Revive Your Old Clothes

I didn’t set out specifically to purchase dye when I was in The Range but I saw this ‘Powder Pink’ dye in the clearance section and thought of my daughter instantly. The link is to a slightly bigger packet but I think I paid about £2 so I recommend you check in store first.

The dying method was so easy I’m considering doing it for lots of other things. I washed the cardi, kept it damp, emptied the packet into the drum directly, set it to wash at 40 as per the instructions and the washer just did the work for me. You have to then wash it a second time with powder etc then I’d recommend doing a couple of dark washes after that so you don’t go accidentally dying everyone’s work/school shirts.

Revive Your Old Clothes

I’m really pleased with the results and so it my little girl. The colour is even in tone and beautifully vibrant. I feel like I’m kind of nailing this housewifing/motherhood thing that I’mm doing now.

Have you ever dyed your own clothes? Are you a fan of upcycling or buying second hand? I’m a charity shop addict!

Let me know your tips and tricks. The cardigan looks fab, doesn’t it?

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23 thoughts on “Revive Your Old Clothes

  1. Once at Uni I decided to dye ALL my bras which where greying and frankly, minging looking, black! Seemingly though the fabrics and the dye didn’t work well together and I ended up with SIX terracotta bras and no spare cash to replace them.
    Thankfully I didn’t take myself too seriously and just kept wearing them happily telling anyone who noticed all about my diaster.
    Fast forward to having a baby I dyed loads and loads of cheap white Muslins hot pink using the same dye and it turned out beautifully!

    1. Hahahaha I love that you had terracotta bras! (Gutted though). I’m pleased it actually worked for you with the muslin cloths! x

  2. What a fabulous idea. I’m a massive fan of getting your wear out of clothes. I buy all my little ones clothes bigger so he can grow into them. I’m always disappointed when my clothes don’t last as long as expected. I think this is a great way to give clothes another lease of life! Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

    1. That sounds fab! We have a British Heart Foundation which is my fave. I bagged some Lelly Kellys a couple of years ago and a load of dresses from Monsoon and Pumpkin Patch! x

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