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Recharge Your Mind and Body This Summer

The summer holidays can be a trying time for those who are parents. It can easily leave you wiped out and begging for the start of the autumn term. If you don’t plan for change, this could be you every summer, but it doesn’t need to be.

There’s plenty of ways to recharge your batteries during this lovely (hopefully) sunny period, all you need to do is prepare to spend more time thinking about yourself. Your wellbeing is just as important as that of your child, and if you’re feeling a bit overwrought, chances are you children will too.

It’s time to concentrate on self-care and recharge those batteries for a better summer.

Take up a new hobby

Recharge You Mind and Body This Summer

This might seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling a bit time starved, but trust me it works. Plan to allocate time specifically to whatever it is you choose to do. For me I found blogging and crochet to be excellent ways to unwind, for you it could be something different. Learn to play a musical instrument, take a cookery class, start to draw. Anything you take pleasure in doing will do the job, just make sure you give yourself enough time to do it.

Kick an old habit

Smoking has to be the most common habit people claim to want to kick. Switching traditional cigarettes to e-cigs can help you on that journey. By changing to e-cigs you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you use whilst also saving your lungs from any nasty tar.

Another biggy is nail-biting. Nail-biting can be linked to stress and anxiety, so if you’re taking a hollistic approach to stopping, you might find doing some of the other things on this list helpful too! In the meantime, there’s all sorts of nasty tasting things you can paint on your nails to dissuade you from nibbling.

Exercise for fun

Recharge You Mind and Body This Summer

Find a beautiful area to walk, run or cycle in. The exercise doesn’t need to be intense or gruelling, it just needs to be enjoyable. I’m guilty of treating exercise as some sort of punishment I have to endure in order to lose weight, but all that happens is that my routine becomes inconsistent.

Get a fitness tracker and compete with your friends to make it fun. Before Greg lost my FitBit I used to love competing with my friends to see who could do the most steps. If I’m honest, it wasn’t usually me, but if it was neck and neck, I’d be jogging on the spot in my kitchen!

Change your routine

Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. Switch your morning shower for an evening bath. Do whatever it takes to make you take notice of how you care for yourself. I always skip breakfast because I’m rushing around in the mornings. I’d benefit from going to bed earlier and getting an earlier start so that I can grab a quick meal to kick off my day with. A new routine can be invigorating, give it a try today.

De-clutter your home and your mind

De-cluttering seems to be in fashion at the moment. There’s lots of self-help books on the market, telling you the best way to kick your hoarding habits. I find list making helps with both. Make a list of where you’ll start, make a list of what you need to keep. Make a to-do list. Write everything down that’s floating around in your head and it’ll clear your mind. A clear mind can completely re-energise you and give you the energy you need to give your children a fantastic summer.

What are your tips for recharging your batteries? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Recharge Your Mind and Body This Summer

  1. I wish this was the time of year that my life slowed down, but it’s the exact opposite. My life becomes more hectic with school starting since I homeschool. However, I do feel that all of these ideas are still well worth considering. I find that decluttering our home does make it feel more open and free all at the same time. (It’s certainly easier to keep clean.)

  2. I’m definitely trying to do the de-cluttering! My hope is it means I start Autumn with more free time as I won’t spend my whole life looking for things! We’re having what I call a ‘slow summer’, more time at home and no rushing around and minimising any car travel. Seems to be working for everyone, the kids have been playing and I’ve even managed to read not just one but two whole books in a row! xxx enjoy your summer!

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