Reasons You Can’t Stick To Your Diet

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Are you at your wits end wondering what you’re doing wrong? Do you try to go on diet after diet, only to make little to no progress? Maybe you make progress, only to undo it all later on. We’ve all been there! Here are some reasons you may not be able to stick to your diet, and what you can do about them:


You’re Calling It A Diet

First things first. STOP calling it a diet! By calling something that should be a healthy lifestyle choice a diet, you’re already giving it negative connotations. Even if your aim is to lose fat, you shouldn’t call this a diet. Being on a diet makes it sound like something short term. It also makes people think of words like starvation, boredom, hell…the list goes on. People don’t like diets. Start calling yours a healthy lifestyle instead. Instantly it’ll feel differently to you. If you can’t see yourself sticking to it for the long term, then it’s likely one of those dreaded fad diets and not a healthy lifestyle. Health should be your ultimate goal, along with happiness!

Reasons You Can't Stick To Your Diet

You’re Not Eating Enough

Most people on ‘diets’ aren’t eating enough. This puts your body into starvation mode, so even if you do lose fat at first, chances are you’ll pile it back on when you start eating normally. It can also leave people prone to binging, as they are depriving their body of essential nutrients. Cravings can be insane when you’re not eating enough of the right foods! Instead of trying to starve yourself, put yourself in a small deficit instead. Slow and steady always wins the race! To help you make sure you’re eating enough of the right foods, you could start tracking using an app like Lifesum or MyFitnessPal. The foods are easy enough to find in the database or scan in. A diet high in protein and nutrients is important to make progress and stay feeling full, so make sure you are getting this from food. If not, there are supplements you can look at. See this review of Isagenix to get an idea.

Although a diet high in protein is important, healthy fats and carbs are still crucial too. Cutting out a food group is another unsustainable thing that throws people off track.

You Haven’t Found Balance

Finding balance is key. While eating right most of the time is important, you should allow yourself the foods you like in moderation. Depriving yourself is not healthy, and can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food amongst other things. You want to be healthy, but you should also enjoy your life. Spend time finding the right balance for you.

You’re Doing It For The Wrong Reasons

Why are you dieting? You should diet because you want to be healthier and happier for you. You should not diet because somebody else thinks you should, or because you want to be like somebody else. Everything you do should be for you.

You Have Deeper Issues Going On

If all else fails, it could be because you turn to food for emotional support, or something similar. Make sure you examine deeper things you have going on. It may hurt to look at your issues on a deep level, but once you crack them, you can be on your way to health and happiness!

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