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Reaping the Rewards of Change

Sometimes really normal thing are a lot harder than you expect. Something as simple as gauging portion sizes or remembering what you’ve eaten in a day can prove to be a difficult task if you have a very full life.

As I’ve mentioned before (read: all the time) I am a member of weight watchers because I want to try and lose weight and change my lifestyle, but despite this, my weight has been stagnant for weeks. It’s disappointing, disheartening and actually quite embarrassing now that I have signed up to be a helper in the meetings.

For weeks I’ve stayed the same (and even gained if I’ve succumbed to stress eating) but during those weeks I have behaved the same, so how could I really expect a difference?

I would be foolish to, but it turns out that I’m foolish!

I’m pretty sure Einstein said something to the effect of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. That’s what I’ve been doing for around 3 months and I was beginning to get frustrated with myself.

The first change I made was to buy a food journal from the meeting, that forced me to be accountable for what I ate and if I wrote in it as I was about to eat, I couldn’t forget what I’ve consumed either.

Secondly I started taking notice of what was considered a ‘normal’ portion size and using my scales to measure that. In some cases I really couldn’t believe the measly amount that was considered to be a normal portion, so I adapted it within the realms of my points. I counted everything that I ate before I ate it so that I couldn’t make a mistake.

Helpful tip: if you’re estimating the smart points of what you’d eating, you’re probably wrong (sorry!).

The third change I made was the sort of food I was eating. I got my book back out and tried to pick the food from the No Count list because they’re healthy and filling options (I cannot think of anything more hellish than never ending hunger).

My meals for the week had a lot more fresh items and no red meat at all.

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weight watchers no count
3sp for tuna, rocket and weight watchers 0sp dressing

Other meals were things like grilled salmon with brown rice and a selection of assorted veg, tomatoes on wholemeal toast, mussels in passata with mushroom, courgette and aubergine served with brown rice, and grilled chicken with a selection of vegetables.

For days when you have run out of Smart Points I’ve also created a list of hacks to get you by.

After making all of these relatively simple changes, I lost 3.5lbs this week! Let me know how you get on if you make a change too.

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  1. I’m not weighing in at the mo (at home)
    but think I need a quick check. I’ve been
    exercising a lot recently so I’ve been
    eating a lot. Now my exercise had dipped I
    need to watch my portion size! Thanks for
    reminding me and linking to

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