The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers

Trainers started out as a purely practical piece of footwear, designed for exercise and nothing else. Over the years they gradually started to become a fashion item for the younger generation, then after a while, people’s dad’s started wearing them as well. Before you knew it, most men seemed to wear trainers a lot of the time, even if they never played any sports.

You never saw many women wearing trainers though, and you still don’t now. While it is more common to see women wearing a pair of trainers than it used to be, they are still considered a men’s piece of clothing a lot of the time. There’s no good reason for this, but perhaps it’s because women don’t think that trainers fit the rest of their outfit. It’s easy for a man in jeans and t-shirt to match a pair of trainers to his outfit. They just work together. However, women might think that trainers don’t work with the rest of their clothes. That might be the case sometimes, but it’s really just a case of how you wear them. If you’ve been avoiding trainers, here are a few tips on how to wear them well.

The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers


People think that a trainer is a trainer, but there’s more to it than that. Just like any other type of shoes, there is a wide variety of styles out there to choose from. You can go for tennis trainers, they usually have a very minimal style so they are easy to pair with things and they won’t go out of style. The traditional white is a good look but if you want less upkeep, go for black. As well as being practical, black tennis shoes are easy to sneak into a more formal outfit.

The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers


Skate shoes were, like all trainers, designed for sports. Though it didn’t take long before it wasn’t just skateboarders that were wearing them. Since the 60’s when they first came out, they’ve become popular with plenty of people. They offer a lot of support and slip on and off easily, but you do have fewer options for pairing with outfits because the designs are often a bit more out there than the plain tennis shoe.

The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers

Basketball shoes have a massive following, particularly amongst men, but women can look great in them as well. Enthusiasts will be willing to pay above the odds for a good pair of Nikes and in some parts of the world, your trainers are often an indicator of status. The high tops and often bold colours mean that you have to be careful when trying to pair basketball shoes.

The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers

Running trainers are quite risky. If you pick well and wear them right, you’ll get a cool retro look. Pick wrong and you’ll end up looking like a bit of a dork. Having said that, they are the most comfortable trainer out there.

The Quick Guide To Looking Great In Trainers

How To Wear Them

There are a couple of foolproof ways to wear a good pair of trainers. Wearing them with a dress is a great option. If you’ve got a lot of dresses that you like, but feel are a bit too formal for general day to day wear, try pairing the with trainers. It cuts away some of the formality and gives you a fun, smart casual look. Dresses with bright floral patterns on work best for this look. Avoid tailored dresses and try to go for something a bit more bouncy. When you’re picking the trainers, bright colours are fine but high tops aren’t great. A pair of tennis shoes or smaller skate shoes would work fine.


You can wear trainers with a smarter dress as well if you like. Just remember that you are more limited on choice. Only white trainers tend to work with this look. It’s a great summer look and strikes a good balance between relaxed but not too underdressed.


With jeans, you are pretty much free to choose whichever trainers you like. Having the trouser means that you can get away with higher tops. The best way to choose trainers to pair with your jeans is just trying them to see what works. Everybody is different.


Another great outfit for trainers is shorts and a blazer. Just like dresses, don’t go too high with the trainer. It’s also a good idea to match your top or blazer to the colour of the trainer. It makes the outfit look a little smarter which is something you should keep in mind when you are wearing trainers.

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